Review: Coherence 2013

“Coherence” takes on the fascinating concept of multiple realities, and it’s so clever because this subject gives the film a feel, very much like one of those ‘alter the future’, or ‘time travel’ style horror films. That’s certainly something that has been attempted so many times, from so many angles, but those films can never quite manage to pan-out right. However, “Coherence” is the first movie of its kind that I’ve seen that actually tracks quite well; it just makes so much more sense and it’s really rather impressive. Also well acted and very well thought out, “Coherence” is pretty engrossing, intelligently handled, and extremely creative. This film is more than a cerebral thriller, it’s also a very interesting commentary on human relationships and the things we might be capable of doing in the event of the most unbelievable circumstances.
“Coherence” focuses on a fairly strange and, often times, dysfunctional, group of friends and couples. The eight of them get together for a dinner party, and, it so happens that, on the same night, a comet is reported to be passing over Earth. Strange things begin happening, cell phones have no service and a couple of screens spontaneously crack. Then old tales are told about the bizarre occurrences that allegedly took place the last time a comet passed close to our planet. Once the power goes out and a quick look shows that it is out in every other house in the neighbourhood… except for one, two of them decide to check it out, maybe see if they have a phone. They return with a strange box, and claim that the house they visited…appeared to be an exact replica of the house that they were currently in…right down to the dinner party..and the guests…
From that point in the film, things only get weirder! But the amazing thing about this movie, is that it throws in existing theories from quantum physics as a possible explanation for the events, but the movie isn’t presumptuous enough to actually try to fully explain anything. With the exclusion of an eye-rollingly dramatic and cliched, last-second ending, “Coherence” is awesome and highly recommended to the masses!