Review: End of the Line 2007

This film is rather a strange one, it’s decently acted, well.. for the most part, and while the premise may not be an original one, it hasn’t been “overdone” either. I liked how this film pushed boundaries and made interesting commentary on religion and society. “End of the Line” was not entirely well-received, however I do believe that there might be more to this film than first meets the eye… It all depends on one’s interpretation of the ending, which is, in my opinion, an aspect common to too many horror movies: ‘the split second twist ending’ *sigh*. As usual with endings like that, the director intends the viewers to “decide for themselves” (personally, I consider this to be a massive cop-out), so I choose to believe the ending that, I think, would make for the best overall film. 
“End of the Line” takes place after the last subway of the night has departed, ‘luckily’ Karen, our main character, just managed to catch it… But her luck runs out rather abruptly when the subway stops and she finds herself, along with a small group of survivors, trapped with a clan of religious extremists. They believe that judgement day has arrived and they are on a mission to “save” as many people as possible before the end of the night…of course “save” essentially means murder.
I do think that this is a film that deserves a watch, with an open mind and slightly lowered expectations.. However I do feel the need to warn that there is a rather disturbing scene… (although with the way I choose to interpret the ending, that scene actually becomes remarkably beautiful.) “End of the Line” is better than some reviews would have you believe, the way that I choose to interpret it, it has pretty much all the elements of a good horror film with a wickedly excellent twist!