Review: Fingerprints 2006

This one was surprisingly well received, I say ‘surprisingly’ because, though I liked it, I wouldn’t have expected it to get such good reviews… “Fingerprints” was made in 2006, and it isn’t set in the past, but the style of this movie is pretty much “80’s B-horror”, it’s very old-school and, because of that, the acting seems worse than it is. “Fingerprints” also combines genres: slasher, ghost-story, crime-thriller, and the ending is delightfully “scooby-doo-esque”! It’s different, and, because it’s B-horror style, it’s a little ‘goofy’ at times, but it’s still a pretty awesome movie, so I’m glad other people can see that too!
“Fingerprints” opens with a fairly disturbing and extremely tragic scene, then we skip ahead and our main story is about a troubled teenager, Melanie. Melanie is fresh out of rehab and returning to high school, with the support of her big sister, Crystal. Crystal tells Melanie about an urban legend she heard about, about a school bus that was hit by a train and a myth that if you park your car on the tracks, the ghosts of the children will push you across to safety if a train is coming, and that afterward, your car will be covered with tiny fingerprints. As the film progresses, Melanie begins having nightmares and even seeing things while she’s awake… She starts trying to figure everything out (very ‘scooby-doo’, but simultaneously, super dark), meanwhile people are being killed off one by one (or two by two)… “Fingerprints” certainly isn’t perfect but it is well-worth a watch.