Review: Hatchet Trilogy 2006–2013

Super fun, gore-filled trilogy that I’m going to review as one film since each sequel picks up exactly where the previous one ended. “The Hatchet Trilogy” introduces a new slasher villain, Victor Crowley, who I do believe deserves mention among the classics (he’s certainly more entertaining that Michael Myers *yawn*). There’s little more to these films than a host of creative and gory kills, but sometimes that’s all you need! 
“The Hatchet Trilogy” takes place in the swamps of New Orleans, and in those parts, there is an old legend. The legend of a hulking, deformed boy named Victor Crowley who used to live in the swamp with his father, until one night a prank, a fire, a hatchet, and a fateful accident lead to Victor’s accidental death. And, as the story goes, his ‘ghost’ still wanders the swamp, searching for his father, and killing anyone who tries to enter. So when a group of people sign up for a not-so-legitimate boat tour of the swamps, Victor has his work cut out for him, and he’s going to cut right back!
Yeah, it’s all pretty standard, but if you’re in the mood for a fun, entertaining fairly mindless, but very bloody slasher, then “The Hatchet Trilogy” should do the trick nicely.