Review: Mr. Jones 2013

This is another one that isn’t well received… before I watched it, I perused reviews online, and found a couple that seemed more willing to give the movie a chance. One specified that, at the very least, amongst the sea of crappy horror movies with boring predictable plots, “Mr. Jones” tries to be original and artistic and tries something different. That was the review that decided, for me, that I would give this movie a chance too, and I’m glad I did. 
I won’t say that “Mr. Jones” is perfect, I won’t call it a masterpiece or worship the acting… but I don’t think every movie must strive for perfection.
“Mr. Jones” follows a couple of filmmakers, Scott and Penny, who decide to move to the woods for a year and make a movie. When they realize that they are not far from a famous, but reclusive, and very mysterious artist, who goes by Mr. Jones, they decide to make the film about him. Scott goes back to the city to conduct interviews, and Penny remains in the woods to see if she can get footage of/with the artist. Scott learns that Mr. Jones has been known to send his scary artistic sculptures to random members of the public, and, that after the receipt of the artwork, some people claimed to have experienced strange/unpleasant events. Scott is certainly given the impression that Mr. Jones could be dangerous.
“Mr. Jones” is a fine movie, I mean, you can’t always gets everything perfect (hell, certainly most of the time more things end up imperfect than perfect!), and if you limit yourself to perfection then you will miss out on so much good, so much great, so much awesome! There is plenty of awesome in “Mr. Jones”, there’s even more great, and, yet more, good! The art sculptures, as you can see some for yourself on the poster, there’s no denying that they’re pretty awesome and creepy. There are plenty of brief moments of awesome, I think Mr. Jones, himself, is pretty damn creepy! I also really enjoyed the ending, I didn’t think it was predictable, and it was clear and understandable, not vague, not confusing, not abrupt. The last third(ish?) of the movie is actually almost like a dream, (almost!) It becomes difficult to say quite what’s real, but you could say that Mr. Jones has an ability to distort reality. And, as far as I’m concerned, if a movie is working outside the limits of reality, possibly in a dreamlike world.. then it’s pretty free to do whatever, and it doesn’t all have to “make sense” or be clear. “Mr. Jones” is very “abstract”. Basically, this movie is good, overall, and some of it is better; it’s certainly worth an open-minded watch.

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