Review: Primal 2010

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film, I was more surprised to find that, for the most part, “Primal” was quite well-received. It can’t be said that this film is particularly ‘run of the mill’, though, at the same time, there’s nothing too special or clever at work here either. The premise has certainly been done before, however the execution makes the movie a little more interesting, then you throw in a generous helping of gore and a little bit of humour, and you’ve got a horror film that’s more than decent. 
“Primal” follows a group of friends who camp out in the Australian outback, looking for an ancient cave-painting. While there, one friend, Mel, decides to go swimming in some nearby water, as soon as she emerges from the water it’s clear something is wrong, and her condition only worsens. By morning Mel is more beast than human, with a vicious set of large, sharp teeth, she wants nothing more than to hunt and devour the people she once called her friends. 
This movie is full of action and gore, it may not be ‘terrific’ or a ‘masterpiece’ but it’s good! It’s entertaining and just perfect if you’re in the mood for a simple horror, just bloody and fun.

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