Review: Rogue 2007

Quite possibly my favourite creature-feature horror film, “Rogue” is truly excellent. This movie is serious and savage and full of suspense; it’s entertaining and while the concept could never be entirely original, “Rogue” does manage a decent level of ingenuity.
This film follows a group of tourists on a boat tour in the Australian outback, during their routine trip, the group sees a flare from somewhere up the river. Their guide insists on checking to see if anyone needs help, after finding an upturned boat, the group find themselves the new targets of one massive beast of a crocodile! Their boat is destroyed and they are forced to take refuge on a very small island…one that is getting smaller by the minute as the tide comes in. It’s now a race against time as the hodgepodge of terrified tourists frantically try to come up with a plan to save as many of the group as possible. 
“Rogue” is a well-planned, well-acted, taut and entertaining thriller, in addition to some scenes of amazing intensity, this film also manages to be a lot of fun. Absolutely recommended to anyone in the mood for a great horror movie!