Review: Sleep Tight 2011

Such a creepy and twisted film, “Sleep Tight” is the ultimate psychological horror. Certainly not your typical definition of scary, but this movie is undeniably disturbing and unsettling. “Sleep Tight” is a Spanish film about a deeply disturbed building superintendent, Cesar, who feels that he is physically/mentally incapable of ever feeling happy. Cesar is not so much, depressed, as he is psychotic, he visits his invalid, nonverbal mother and forces her to listen to his horrible thoughts and plan. He speaks as though he believes she supports him, when all the while we see her horrified, helpless face..her eyes pleading with him to stop. You see, Cesar gets what little enjoyment he can muster, from secretly tormenting the tenants that live in his building. He feels that if he can make everyone else as miserable as he is, then he might actually manage to be happy. Enter, Clara. Clara is everything that Cesar is not, she’s cheerful and never lets life’s little upsets get her down. Cesar’s best efforts don’t seem to be able to wipe that genuine smile from her happy little face…so he has to “up his game”.
“Sleep Tight” is seriously creepy, Cesar makes it his sole mission in life to destroy Clara’s happiness. The things that he does to this poor girl! The psychological torment he puts her through is overwhelming, yet, in order to ensure that the end result is a genuine feeling of misery lasting the rest of her life, Cesar must make sure that, to her, everything can seem fairly commonplace; certainly unfortunate, but still technically logical. And this is what makes this film such a masterpiece: the extreme effects he has on her life, despite the technical subtlety of his actions. This movie is excellent, but be prepared that there’s nothing ‘light’ about it, it’s a heavy film, it’s a dark film, it’s a film filled with twisted misery and madness culminating in perhaps the most ingenious and warped form of psychological torture ever devised.