Review: The Deaths of Ian Stone 2007

I really liked this film, by mixing action with horror, fantasy and romance, I think they came up with something pretty special. “The Deaths of Ian Stone” has so much to offer, some might say ‘too much’ but, as usual, I disagree with those people; to me, this film was a seamless fusion of genres which resulted in a solid and fascinating film that really does have something for everyone. We are treated to action packed scenes of violence, fighting, blood, murder, and escape; quiet, poignant scenes of love and loss; beautiful happy moments of love, and the underlying knowledge that love is the reason behind the whole story. This movie is filled with twists and turns to keep us on the edges of our seats, never knowing what might happen next..
“The Deaths of Ian Stone” tells the story of a guy (yeah, ‘Ian Stone’) who finds himself dying, at the ‘hands’ of some sort of other-worldly creatures, then waking up, still himself, but living a totally different life. At first he has no memory of his previous lives, but each time, as he begins to remember, he is killed again, only to wake up in a new life. In each of his lives, there is always one constant: Jenny, his ‘soulmate’, and the main reason why he needs to find out what’s happening to him. If he can’t discover the truth about who he really is, then he may lose Jenny forever.
This movie is great, I won’t call it a ‘masterpiece’ but it’s a fine film and I have always enjoyed watching it. If you’re looking for a romantic-horror film, (and there are a few others out there..) then “The Deaths of Ian Stone” should work pretty perfectly!