Review: The Gravedancers 2006

“The Gravedancers” truly is a campy little masterpiece! It splendidly combines true and effective horror with a sillier, over-dramatic style. It looks like most people who didn’t care for it, felt that way because they didn’t understand/appreciate that style, in which case, the film might come off as ‘corny’ and ‘predictable’… Well, perhaps, however, since it’s all intentional, and part of the spooky, campy style, I thought it was brilliantly done. 
“Gravedancers” follows three old friends who are reunited at a fourth mutual friend’s funeral. After the service, they all get very drunk and later that night they return to the cemetery and find a note on their friend’s grave. The note appears to be a song, so they begin singing and dancing in the graveyard…and on the graves. Soon after they return to their lives, each friend begins experiencing horrifying happenings and they soon discover that by dancing on graves while reciting the ‘song’, they have each invoked their very own angry, murderous ghost. With the help of a pair of amateur paranormal investigators they must scramble to figure out a plan before it’s too late.
“Gravedancers” is genuinely fantastic! Despite it’s melodramatic approach, it absolutely manages some remarkably striking, at times, even startling, scenes of visual and physical horror; I would absolutely say this film has it’s frightening moments. I would recommend this to all horror fans who feel they can appreciate the old fashioned, spooky-silly style of this magnificent gem.