Review: Triangle 2009

An absolutely magnificent psychological horror film that practically demands an immediate repeat viewing to help put all the pieces together in a row! “Triangle” is complicated and quite disorienting, but it’s brilliant and it DOES make sense! …You just may not believe me the first time you watch it… This film, admittedly requires a certain amount of dedication, but if you’re anything like me and my husband, after you watch it once, you’ll find yourself filled with determination to figure it all out! I wasn’t kidding when I said it needs to be watched twice in a row, I highly suggest you allow yourself enough time to watch it twice, because you’ll likely feel the need to! (and pause/take notes the second time…we did).
“Triangle” begins with our main character, Jess, rocking and comforting her young autistic son, Tommy, who seems rather distraught. Later, Jess is on her way to meet friends to go sailing for the day, and she seems a little ‘out of it’, her son was apparently supposed to join them but she claims that he is in school. After a while on the boat, they hit sudden bad weather in the Bermuda Triangle and their boat is destroyed. While floating hopelessly in the sea, a large ocean liner called “Aeolus” drifts by and they are certain they see someone on board. They board the ship and it appears to be deserted, but Jess is clearly unsettled and claims a strange feeling of ‘deja vu’. Things begin to get pretty crazy, pretty quickly on the boat, I don’t even want to say any more because the less you know, before watching, the better.
“Triangle” is terrific! It keeps you interested, it keeps you guessing; it delivers well enough in terms of blood/kills, and it definitely delivers the ‘strange’, the ‘creepy’, the ‘bizarre’, and the tension! Recommended to all!
Note: I feel I should mention, in the interest of the best possible understanding of this film, that the name of the boat “Aeolus”, in addition to clearly being very important to the story, has a slightly different meaning in the movie than the meaning you will predominantly find on ‘Google’. In order for the movie to make any sense at all, you need to just use the movie’s meaning. Oh and also, there is a second movie, also named “Triangle” and also made in 2009 (also takes place on a boat, in the Bermuda Triangle…) but despite all these similarities, it’s a completely different movie and nowhere near as good…it kinda sucks actually… So, you want the one by Christopher Smith.)