DRM in HTML: what EME has and has not done for us
Sander Saares

Well sort of. CPIX is the creation of Nagra’s vision as part of the DASH IF. It was pushed hard by Akamai and Verimatrix but is by no means an industry standard amongst DRM Platform operators. It’s an interesting concept for sure but it solves a problem that doesn’t exist. Forcing all DRM providers to adopt one API for encryption keys etc. just creates a vanilla environment where no one provider can innovate or excel beyond the pack of other providers. Imagine if the DRM industry told the CDN industry “you all have to adopt one set of APIs.” Imagine if the content industry told the Payment Processing industry “you must adopt one set of APIs.” CPIX mostly serves the interests of a few legacy CA providers and one CDN. It doesn’t address the bigger issues around DRM which are mostly around playback not content encryption. For DRM to continue to drive the success of the OTT, SVOD, AVOD and Premium live and linear TV markets, the playback issue are really where the focus should be.

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