Options to Buying Facebook Likes

Since weve established that you shouldnt — EVER — buy Facebook Likes, youre undoubtedly asking Great, smart guy. Now what? I still need to get more Likes. FAST!

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Donrrrt worry. Allow me to share what you have to do

1) Invite Relevant People
You may be influenced to invite all your friends to love your Page. Id again caution you against inviting anyone who will ignore your posts. They might the same as it is nice, then never read everything else you write again.

So invite friends who may have a desire for your niche. But in addition send a message to customers on the email list inviting the crooks to Much like your Page.

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2) Advertise your Page Online
For those who have an online site (I sure we do hope you do), you’ll need a Like box or button that promotes your Page on all major pages of the website. If you�re already on other social networks, invite those followers to your Facebook Page.

3) Advertise your Page Offline
Create signage inside your store, inviting customers to Follow Yourself on Facebook. Make sure you briefly describe the value you will provide (for daily deals! or whatever it is). Put this message on receipts, cards on tables or anywhere else customers might be looking. Make sure that you use a vanity URL that is certainly to the point.

4) Run Contests while offering
If you wish to get people excited about Liking your brand, go viral. Develop a great contest or run a Facebook Offer. When individuals participate and interact together with you, they will create a story that is distributed to their friends. Suddenly, your following grows naturally.

5) Be Intriquing, notable and Provide Value
This should actually be a very high priority for you: What value does your Page bring? In case you cant think of any reason someone would like Page (aside from Were awesome!), you’ll want to get back to the drawing board.

It cant be all about promoting yourself. Value could possibly be in exclusive deals, providing facts about general sales and specials, giveaways, etc. But outside those ideas, you need to be human, interesting or funny.

6) Run Ads
All of the things above is free of charge or very little. The thing is that, had you been already willing to buy Likes, you have to be willing to run Facebook ads.

You dont need to have a large budget. Spend $50 once to draw in any where from 50–150 new fans. Or have a low monthly budget to do this regularly. Its not likely to set you back a leg along with a leg. You can get a lot from Facebook ads while spending hardly any.