Here, buy this product. Buy it and then sleep on it for the night. It doesn’t “breathe” — which means it ain’t cool. It’s cheap; it’s an inferior product that’ll exacerbate your allergies and may otherwise lead to poor overall health. So, buddy, pay up.

Not a chance, you think. Who in their right mind would want to buy such a product? Plenty of people. What are we talking about? “Microfiber”sheets. Or, to be more precise, the myths surrounding microfiber sheets.

None of the assertions about microfiber sheets ring true. In fact, the truth may be just the opposite. As your online source on the use of microfiber sheets, we at Buy Bedding Direct are going to expose the myths for what they are: False!

What Is Microfiber?

Very fine threads of polyester and polyamide are woven together to form a single thread, according to The threads are 100 times thinner than a strand of human hair and when woven together create surface areas 40 times greater than regular fiber. The microfiber surface area has significantly greater absorption and density than regular fiber and are therefore less prone to hold dust and allergens.

Unlike regular fabrics, microfiber sheets do not merely shuffle bacteria from one place to another. Most microfiber strands are smaller than bacteria and are able to penetrate dirt and grease particles on surfaces.

Microfiber, Be Cool, Dude

The miniscule and stronger composition of microfiber sheets means sleepers will get a cooler night’s rest as opposed to using heavier cotton sheets. Manufacturers use microfibers in sportswear for its durability, breathability and light weight.

The multi-thread makeup of the microfibers creates a stronger, more durable fabric, which is less prone to rips, punctures and normal wear and tear.

The fine microfiber fabrics create a softer feel compared to normal cotton sheets, which are stiffer and more coarse. Microfiber sheets move more gently and smoothly across skin.

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