Where Are Some of The Most Outrageous Places People Have Taken Naps?

The character Sam-I-Am kept insisting to an unnamed culinary solicitor that he would refuse to eat green eggs and ham in any and every place or with anyone: Not in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox, here or there, or anywhere.

The Dr. Seuss character simply did not like the food — at least until he (or it) tried it.

While we at Buy Bedding Direct don’t make regular reading of surreal children’s books a habit, the tale brings to mind the stories of strange or unusual places people have taken naps.

The urge to nap — and perhaps to dream about green eggs — can be overwhelming at times for some people; and some of history’s greatest leaders have touted the many benefits of naps: “I have left orders to be awakened at any time during a national emergency, even if I’m in a cabinet meeting,” said President Ronald Reagan.

Taking naps definitely has therapeutic benefits — but those who nap may want to be on guard as to where they snooze.

NBC News reported that 22 percent of people surveyed admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel of their cars, and sometimes while driving. Four percent took naps on a bus, three percent in the bathroom, two percent during meetings, and another two percent at their kitchen tables.

Other people reported falling asleep in military combat, in court and in graveyards.

But when it comes to strangeness, Sam-I-Am hardly compares to some of the locations people have chosen for their siestas.

According to smosh.com, here are some unusual napping places:

  • A worker fell asleep on the railroad tracks
  • A bus traveler stripped down to his underwear and dozed in the bus’s luggage compartment
  • A walker fell asleep in a garbage can
  • A caller fell asleep leaning against a pay phone
  • A sleepy train rider fell asleep atop the overhead hand brace
  • A bicyclist fell asleep atop his bicycle on the side of the road
  • A motorcyclist fell asleep in bed — with his motorcycle
  • A construction worker took a nap atop vent cables
  • A pedestrian snoozed between two parking posts — without touching the ground
  • A police officer issuing parking tickets fell asleep on a nearby bench
  • A truck driver fell asleep on a front wheel
  • A shopper fell asleep in a shopping cart
  • A police officer took a nap break in the trunk of his police car
  • And Sen. John McCain briefly snoozed during a State of the Union speech.

We at Buy Bedding Direct certainly understand that life can be tiring — in fact, we help promote good sleep with an excellent array of bedding products — and that a good nap can give you energy and vigor.

However, we would encourage the sleepy folk of the world to find more appropriate snoozing grounds — and not in any of the places where Sam-I-Am declined offers for green eggs and ham (except for the house).

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