BuyerDeck’s new look

At BuyerDeck we’ve been working really hard recently to work out where we can make the biggest improvements in the value the product provides, to you, the user.

This brief update is to show you the first of many changes we’ve got lined up that will help you engage more buyers, progress more opportunities, and ultimately- close more deals.

What is it?

We’ve been speaking with a lot of our users and one key piece of feedback kept popping up in various ways. It was:

“ One of the key values from BuyerDeck is the engagement and activity tracking. It’s fantastic, but sometimes those pieces can be hard to keep track of and feel hidden”

Basically, we haven’t been making it as easy as possible to keep on top of all engagement and activity, in real-time, across all of your live opportunities.

Now, we do.

Welcome, your Activity Feed.

This is it. Every comment. Every interaction. Every visit. One live feed.

These two images side by side show the Activity feed, consolidating all of our live projects into one timeline of who, what and when.


The rationale for the Activity feed is to provide a continuous, chronological snapshot of activity on what your current opportunities have been up to in your BuyerDeck projects.

Previously, you had to surface this information per project, which meant more time and more clicks. It was many steps. Now, it’s 1.

Now, at a glance, you can scroll through the day’s activity and take appropriate action where necessary, for example…

  • Has Eleanor viewed the project twice today? Might be worth giving her a call.
  • Did Geoff spend 20 minutes this afternoon looking at the proposal? I should shoot him a message on the project.
  • Did Andrejs just comment on the sales collateral I shared yesterday? I’ll respond immediately.

Does it stop at today’s activity?
No, no, no. This feed just keeps on scrollin’. Go back as far as you need. Check out yesterday, the weekend, whatever. Whenever you need, you can rollback and check.From top to bottom, Newest to oldest. It’s all there.

Where will I find it?

Don’t worry, this one’s pretty simple. We’ve plonked it front and centre of the application because it’s that valuable we don’t want anyone to miss it.

See the screengrabs before (Left) and after (Right).

***Spot the Difference :D ***

What’s next?

Well, well, well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Seeing as i’ve put this section in though, it’d be rude not to give you a little insight, I guess.

We’re working really hard at the moment on a redesigned “Projects” view.

At the moment, as you know, they’re all in a sortable list. Whilst this was great in the early days, as we’ve accumulated more and more projects per person, it’s become a little less manageable, and if we’re honest, it doesn’t look the best, either.

User Feedback

We have asked a lot of users how they would prefer to view their projects and how we could improve that- we’d love your feedback, too.

The common theme so far has been as follows:

  • Salespeople like to be able to visualise their opportunities.
  • We use Close Dates a lot to determine what we’re working on day-to-day”
  • Having the option to arrange opportunities based by Close dates would be neat
  • *your suggestion here*

We’ve taken all of the advice into account and we’ll show you very soon how we intend to improve the look, feel and utility of the project view!

Something to add? Comment on this post, message us in-app or email me at

Hope you like it!

We hope you like the changes- feel free to share these new features with your team or colleagues if you think this change will be of interest to them.

And as always if you have any feedback at all- please just ping us with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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