Trump’s Connection to Putin Is More Than Concerning — It’s Dangerous

By Bill Buzenberg and Rob Glaser

In the span of one four-year election cycle, the Republican Party standard-bearer has gone from fingering Russia as the number one threat to U.S. national security, to praising Putin and cozying up to Russia as a friendly and benign partner.

Trump says the Russian strongman — who controls his country’s media, has had journalists killed, routinely jails his political opponents, and siphons off billions to his own offshore accounts — is somehow better and stronger than the elected leader of the free world, Barack Obama. Indeed it’s no coincidence that Trump’s ludicrous claim that Obama was the founder of ISIS echoes similar Russian propaganda.

It’s not too far-fetched to imagine that a President Trump will enter into business and trade deals with Russian leaders for his own financial benefit, whatever the U.S. national interest, since as he has shown again and again that everything is really only about Trump, his brand and his bank account, whatever the consequences may be for others.



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