We demand BuzzFeed pay out earned paid time off to its recently laid-off employees.

BuzzFeed News Staff Council
14 min readJan 26, 2019

UPDATE: After meeting with the BuzzFeed News Staff Council on Monday afternoon, Jonah Peretti announced in a company-wide email that BuzzFeed will pay out earned and unused PTO to our US colleagues who were laid off this week, regardless of which state they live in.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the nearly 600 BuzzFeed employees who signed this letter and stood in solidarity. Your support made this happen.

To Jonah Peretti, Lenke Taylor, and Ben Smith:

We are the BuzzFeed News Staff Council, a group of employees appointed to open up the lines of communication between News employees and company management. We have urgent concerns about the sweeping layoffs hitting the whole company — not just News. This letter is cosigned by current and laid-off staffers from across BuzzFeed who strongly share this concern.

Every aspect of the way that these layoffs have been handled so far — from communication to execution to aftermath — has been deeply upsetting and disturbing, and it will take a long time to repair the damage that has been done to our trust in this company. But there’s one thing you can do right now to help the employees who are losing their jobs.

BuzzFeed is refusing to pay out earned, accrued, and vested paid time off for almost all US employees who have been laid off. They will only pay out PTO to employees in California, where the law requires it. We understand that in other states where BuzzFeed employees have been laid off, state law does not require you to do so. But employers absolutely can pay out PTO — and often do. It is a choice, and for a company that has always prided itself on treating its employees well, we unequivocally believe it is the only justifiable choice.

This is paid time that employees accrued by choosing not to take vacation days, and instead do their work at BuzzFeed. Many of the employees who have been laid off had the most difficult jobs in terms of scheduling — such as the breaking and curation teams on BuzzFeed News who regularly worked weekends and holidays, or managers who weren’t able to use vacation time because they were expected to be available to their teams. They saved up those days (or weeks) because they were so dedicated to their work, and, in some cases, felt actively discouraged from taking time off. They have as much of a right to those days as anyone else.

For many people, paying out PTO will be the difference between whether or not bills and student loans will be paid on time and how their families are supported. It is unconscionable that BuzzFeed could justify doing so for some employees and not others in order to serve the company’s bottom line.

We, the undersigned, stand together in demanding that BuzzFeed pay out earned PTO to all laid-off employees, regardless of the state they live in, to eliminate this disparity. It is the only just way to proceed — especially as this round of layoffs has been so damaging to your workforce as a whole — to pay your employees for the time they earned while working so hard to make BuzzFeed a successful company.


The BuzzFeed News Staff Council, alongside current and laid-off BuzzFeed employees:

Rachel Sanders, Deputy Culture Editor (Staff Council)
Jessica Testa, National Reporter (Staff Council)
Azeen Ghorayshi, Investigative Reporter (Staff Council)
Davey Alba, Senior Technology Reporter (Staff Council)
Dara Levy, Development Associate (Staff Council)
Emerson Malone, Junior Copy Editor (Staff Council)
Michelle Broder Van Dyke, Night Editor, Breaking News (Staff Council)
Anushka Patil, News Curation Editor (Staff Council)
Marcus Jones, Entertainment Reporter (Staff Council)
Molly Hensley-Clancy, Politics Reporter (Staff Council)
Kate Bubacz, Deputy Photo Director (Staff Council)
Kate Aurthur, Chief Los Angeles Correspondent (Staff Council)
Katie Notopoulos, Tech Reporter (Staff Council)
Zoe Tillman, Politics Reporter (Staff Council)
Dominic Holden, Politics Reporter (Staff Council)
Stephanie Lee, Science Reporter (Staff Council)
Mary Ann Georgantopoulos, Breaking News Reporter (Staff Council)
Otillia Steadman, World News Operations Manager (Staff Council)
Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data Editor, Investigations (Staff Council)
Caroline O’Donovan, Reporter (Staff Council)

Caroline Moss, Senior Social Strategist, Video Programming
Sierra Tall, News Operations Associate
Albert Samaha, Investigative Reporter
Tomi Obaro, Senior Culture Editor
Ema O’Connor, Politics Reporter
Alan Haburchak, Technical Supervisor for Video
Vera Bergengruen, Pentagon Correspondent
Eric Morrow, News Curation Editor
Kendall Taggart, Investigative Reporter
Emma Loop, Capitol Hill Reporter, Politics
Leticia Miranda, Retail Reporter
Lissandra Villa, Politics Reporter
Megan Nickerson, IT Specialist
Jess Goodwin, Social Editor, AM to DM
John Stanton, Senior Reporter
Brianne O’Brien, Lead Audience Development Editor
Lam Vo, Senior Reporter
Katie Baker, Investigative Reporter
Tyler Kingkade, National Reporter
Mark Di Stefano, Media and Politics Reporter
Anastasia Weeks, News Video Operations Manager
Tanya Chen, Deputy Social News Editor
Tina Susman, National Editor
Arianna Rebolini, Books Editor
Julia Reinstein, Breaking News Reporter
Kyle Cardine, Producer, AM to DM
Chris McDaniel, Investigative Reporter
Talal Ansari, Breaking News Reporter
Peter Aldhous, Science Reporter
Brandon Hardin, News Curation Editor
Julia Moser, Junior Producer, AM to DM
Kevin Collier, Cybersecurity Correspondent
Laura Montenegro, News Curation Editor
Francis Berkman, Deputy Director, News Curation
Cora Lewis, Breaking News Reporter
Marisa Carroll, Deputy National Editor
Jane Bradley, Investigations Correspondent
Rachel Miller, Senior Lifestyle Editor
Shannon Keating, LGBT Editor
Claudia Rosenbaum, Entertainment Reporter/Breaking News
Anna Borges, Senior Staff Writer, Goodful
Cates Holderness, Strategy Lead, BFO
Austin Hunt, News Curation Editor
Joseph Bernstein, Senior Technology Reporter
Joanna Borns, Senior Writer, BFO
Katcy Stephan, Junior News Curation Editor
Brandon Wall, News Curation Lead Editor
Mat Honan, San Francisco Bureau Chief
Nidhi Prakash, Politics Reporter
Lixia Guo, Art Director, BuzzFeed News
Kayla Hawkins, Associate Producer, AM to DM
Tom Namako, Head of Breaking News
John Paczkowski, Tech/Business Editor
Anjali Patel, Lead Content Strategist, Interactive Formats
Rachael Krishna, Breaking News Reporter
Ellie Hall, Breaking News Reporter
Hamed Aleaziz, Immigration Reporter
Grace Spelman, Creative Writer
Matt Berman, Politics Editor
Paul McLeod, Politics Reporter
Virginia Hughes, Science Editor
Ariane Lange, National Reporter
Sarah Mimms, DC Editor
Stephanie Baer, Breaking News Reporter
Lyle Brennan, Senior Copy Sub-Editor, News
Matthew Perpetua, Director of Quizzes
Olivia Niland, News Curation Editor
Jane Lytvynenko, Breaking News Reporter
Gyan Yankovich, Senior Lifestyle Editor
Lauren Strapagiel, Breaking News Reporter
Anne Helen Petersen, Senior Culture Writer
Hayes Brown, Deputy World News Editor
Claudia Koerner, Breaking News Reporter
David Mack, Breaking News Deputy Director
Elamin Abdelmahmoud, News Curation Editor
Dennis Huynh, Creative Director, News
Michael Hayes, Breaking News Senior Reporter
Kat Angus, Senior Writer
Brett Vergara, Community Manager
Kate Nocera, DC Bureau Chief
Linzee Troubh, Senior Management, News Development, BF Studios
Ting Zhang, Senior Software Engineer
Imaan Sheikh, Senior Staff Writer, India
Kate Zasada, Product Manager, Tech
Jason Leopold, Senior Investigative Reporter
Rachel Zarrell, New Initiatives Lead, Media Brands
Jennifer Abidor, Celebrity Editor
Laura Geiser, Senior Photo Editor, News
Jessica Simeone, Deputy News Director
Mary Wilson, Junior Producer, AM to DM
Marie Telling-Lepas, Senior Food Editor, Tasty
Branson LB, LGBT Video Producer
Ken Bensinger, Investigative Reporter
Samuel Stryker, Senior Writer, BFO
Mallory McInnis, Managing Editor, Market
Alp Ozcelik, Senior Product Support Specialist
Sarah Aspler, Staff Writer
Stephen Santayana, Production Manager, BFO/Branded
Devin Argenta, Software Engineer
Zachary Ares, Motion Designer, News
Lucy Wang, Senior Data Scientist
Emma Byrne, Associate Data Scientist
Stephanie McNeal, Breaking News Deputy Director
Nidhi Subbaraman, Science Reporter
Ryann Graham, Video Producer
Arielle Calderon, Senior Editor
Karolina Waclawiak, Executive Editor, Culture
Richard Holmes, Investigations Fellow
Taylor Miller, Staff Photographer, Creative
Tom Warren, Investigations Correspondent
Amber Jamieson, Breaking News Reporter
Zach Brown, Software Engineer
Megha Rajagopalan, World Correspondent
Brad Esposito, Social News Lead
Felipe Brandão, Staff Software Engineer
Adam Vary, Senior Film Reporter
Danielle Hopkins, News Curation Editor
Alp Aker, Staff Software Engineer
Betsy Carter, Junior Video Producer, Tasty
Rowan Cota, Site Reliability Engineer
Tom Vellner, Lifestyle Writer
Ben King, Deputy Design Director, News
Chris Geidner, Supreme Court Correspondent
Karla Zabludovsky, Mexico Bureau Chief and Latin America Correspondent
Gabriel Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor, News
Emma Vaggo, Manager, Content Strategy & Operations, Media Brands
Sam Kirkland, Product Manager, Tech
Hannah Ryan, Reporter
Conz Preti, Regional Director, International
Ellie Sunakawa, Associate Art Director, Creative
Zahra Hirji, Science Reporter
Andrea Hickey, Staff Writer, BFO
Kayla Smalls, News Editorial Assistant
Cam Smith, Sales
Ciera Velarde, Newsletter Editor
Hannah Allam, National Reporter
Sarah Karlan, Deputy LGBT Editor
Victoria Chen, Production Coordinator, BFO
Megan Boykoff, Video Producer, Editorial
Elizabeth Liao, Senior Software Engineer
Cathy Ngo, Social Media Strategist
Brian Clifton, Data Scientist
Stephen LaConte, Staff Writer, BFO
Karen Hobowsky, Publishing Strategist, BFO
Lane Sainty, Reporter
Matt Ford, Junior Producer, PROFILE
Liam Tiernan, Production Coordinator
Tim Stewart, Distribution Lead, Branded
Sam Thurman, Senior Software Engineer, BFO
Kevin Smith, Senior Staff Writer, BFO
Megan Paolone, News Copy Chief
Chantal Follins, Content Lead, BFO
Michael Hinson, Illustrator, Creative
Finn Smith, Staff Software Engineer
Salvador Hernandez, Breaking News Reporter
Sara Gulotta, Software Engineer
Ryan Mac, Senior Technology Reporter
Sabrina Safran, Casting Coordinator, Production Operations
Logan McDonald, Site Reliability Engineer
Drusilla Moorhouse, Deputy Copy Chief, News
Saeed Jones, Co-Host, AM to DM
Krystie Yandoli, Entertainment News Reporter
Jason Wells, Deputy News Director
Monica Mark, West Africa Correspondent, World News
Bari Jay, Project Manager (Tech)
Louis Peitzman, Deputy Arts & Entertainment Editor
Tasneem Nashrulla, Senior Reporter, Breaking News
Ignacia Fulcher, Staff Writer, Market Team
Scott Pham, Data Reporter, Investigations
Tara Parian, Lead Creative Producer
Dan Vergano, Science Reporter
Maitland Quitmeyer, Editor, Market
Tara Derington, Senior Social Media Strategist
Sarah Han, Shopping & As/Is Writer
Sylvia Obell, Entertainment Reporter/Hella Opinions Host
Alison Willmore, Critic and Culture Writer
Angela Krasnick, Social Media Strategist
Justine Bienkowski, Senior IT Manager
Charlotte Simms, Development Coordinator, BuzzFeed Studios
Nina Mohan, Producer, Media Brands
Annette Sutcliffe, Associate Social Media Strategist
Sarah Schweppe, Copy Editor, Creative
Jessica Kustra, Software Engineer
Jessica Garrison, West Coast Investigations
Jennifer Tonti, Market Writer, Commerce
Sanjana Seelam, Manager, External Development, BuzzFeed Studios
Kayla Suazo, Market Writer
Terri Pous, Senior Writer
Benjamin Stockwell, Staff Software Engineer, BuzzFeed Media Brands
Rosalind Adams, World Correspondent
Pranav Dixit, Technology Reporter
Sarah Wainschel, Community Editor
Kane Diep, Video Producer, BFO
Ben Haist, Illustrator, Art Desk
Charlotte Gomez, Associate Art Director, Creative
Natalie Brown, Staff Writer, Market Team
Dot Gong, Senior Product Manager
Daniel Katz, Senior Software Engineer, Core Infrastructure
Alicia Hosking, Director, International Communications
Kiyana Salkeld, Product Designer
Justine Zwiebel, Director, Art Desk
Ryan Pattie, Designer, Art Desk
Pablo Valdivia, Staff Writer, BFO
Scaachi Koul, Senior Culture Writer
Melissa Amezcua, News Reporter
Dang Vang, Staff Software Engineer
Hannah Wong, Junior Graphic Designer
Alice Yoo, Junior Designer
Gustavo Serrano, Social Media Editor
Shanice Bland, Production Coordinator
Erin Chack, Senior Writer, BFO
Hoss Ghertassi, Supervising Producer, News
Nishita Jha, Global Women’s Rights Reporter
Tamerra Griffin, East Africa Correspondent
Dominic Hanzely, Senior Software Engineer
Jemima Skelley, Lifestyle Editor
Jenna Guillaume, Editor-At-Large, BuzzFeed Australia
Max Woolf, Data Scientist
Sohan Judge, Social Media Editor, Buzz
Farrah Penn, Staff Writer
Kristin Chirico, Senior Producer, Ladylike
Michael Rose, Senior Producer, Ladylike
Nicole Nguyen, Technology Reporter
Marcus Engert, Civil Rights Reporter
Lester Feder, Senior World Correspondent
Saba MBoundza, Senior Publishing Strategist, BuzzFeed Germany
Matthew Champion, Deputy World News Editor
Pascale Mueller, Reporter, BuzzFeed News Germany
Karsten Schmehl, Reporter, BuzzFeed News Germany
Gina Rushton, Reporter, BuzzFeed News Australia
Dan Bryant, Group Creative Director, Marketing/Creative
Philipp Jahner, German Head of Video & Deputy Head of Entertainment
Jack Reid, Software Engineer, BuzzFeed News
Rose Troup Buchanan, News Reporter
Paul Curry, Senior Software Engineer, Tech
Isha Bassi, Junior Staff Writer
Kassy Cho, News Reporter
Ryan Broderick, Deputy Global News Director
Deanna Govea, Jr. Video Producer, Nifty
Spencer Althouse, Community Manager, BFO
Tarini Parti, White House Reporter
Emily Shwake, Junior Staff Writer, Nifty
Rebecca O’Connell, Market Writer
Rebecca Bisdale, Associate Producer/Client Liaison, AM to DM
Alexa Fishman, Junior Motion Graphics Designer
Paul Hamilos, World Features Editor
Lisa Tozzi, Global News Director
Charlyn Buchanan, Associate Software Engineer, BFMB
Tanner Greenring, Deputy Editorial Director, International
Lauren Weitz, Production Coordinator
Maggie Schultz, News Managing Editor
Ruby Cramer, Politics Reporter
Bim Adewunmi, Senior Culture Writer
Ivor Tossell, Senior Product Manager
Edgar Sanchez, Senior Software Engineer / BFMB / Tasty
Idil Gozde, Art Director, Motion
Maurizio Montes de Oca, BuzzFeed News Reporter
Alexis Levinson, Politics Reporter
Craig Silverman, Media Editor, Breaking News
Patrick Carey, Senior Software Engineer, Ads
Henry Gomez, Politics Reporter
Tom Gara, Opinion Editor
Kaelin Tully, Social Video Producer
Ben Kunkel, IT Specialist
Matt Awad, Media Ops Specialist, IT Video Ops
Mark Seibel, National Security Editor
Kaye Toal, Senior Manager, Branded Content
Alexander Zakon, Creative Video Producer, BFO
Bobby Caruso, Social Media Strategist
Kovie Biakolo, Senior Editor, Arts & Entertainment
Raymond Wong, Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Tech, Core Infrastructure
Adolfo Flores, National Security Correspondent For Immigration
Casey Cline, Executive Creative Manager, Branded Content
Veronica Dulin, Editorial Assistant
Shraya Ramani, Software Engineer
Janna Macatangay, Associate Social Media Strategist, YouTube Media Brands
Alanna Bennett, Film & TV Writer/Reporter
Lauren Zhang, Associate Software Engineer, Tech, Data Infrastructure
Sequoia Holmes, Social Media Strategist
Dave Stopera, Senior Editor, BFO
Sara Yasin, Deputy Director, News Curation
Isaac Fitzgerald, Co-host, AM to DM
Blake Montgomery, Breaking News Reporter
Andrea Handevidt, Software Engineering Manager
Lauren Yapalater, Senior Writer
Ayla Norris-Smith, Lead Creative Director, International
Matt Stopera, Writer, BFO
Mollie Shafer-Schweig, Associate Art Director, Creative
Jake Stanier, Equipment Manager
Kyle Sherman, Software Engineering Manager
Matthew Wayt, Copy Editor
Tabir Akhter, Head of Platform Strategy, BuzzFeed Video
Brianna Sacks, Breaking News Reporter
Joe Hegyes, Video Producer, Playfull
Sarah Rasmussen, Video Producer
Katie Sadler, Video Producer, Playfull
Ashley Baccam, Creative Services Director
Miriam Elder, World Editor
Shayna Brewer, Creative Video Producer
Swasti Shukla, Junior Creative Producer, Branded Media Brands
Lisa Cho, Director, Ad Operations
Venessa Wong, Deputy Tech and Business Editor
Luke Patton, Manager, External Studio Development
Andrew Cushing, Creative Director, Branded Content
Scott Bryan, TV Editor, BuzzFeed
Casey Rackham, TV & Film Editor, BFO
Emmy Favilla, Senior Commerce Editor, Market
Chantel Houston, Senior Producer, Ladylike
Carol Tan, Creative Producer, Media Brands
Daniel Toy, Copy Chief, Creative
Alvin Zhou, Video Producer
Kenah Trusewich, Junior Video Producer
Gabriella Lewis, Junior Video Producer, Cocoa Butter, BFO
Caleb Chin, Senior Social Media Strategist
Theresa Tamkins, Health Editor
Lindsey Maratta, Senior Product Designer
Katherine Miller, Politics Editor
Brandon Choi, Software Engineer
James LeDoux, Business Analyst
Chris Hull, Designer/Animator, Creative
Jessica Leal, Audience Coordinator
Michael Blackmon, Entertainment Reporter
Gavon Laessig, Deputy News Director
Emma McAnaw, Staff Writer, Market Team
Key Williams, Video Producer, BFO
Alexandra Napoli, Shopping & Products Writer, Market
Caroline Kee, Health Reporter
David Dunlop, Staff Software Engineer
Claire Nolan, Video Producer, Tasty Showtime
Jonathan Passantino, Los Angeles Bureau Chief
Rachel Emmer, Social Video Editor
Samra Seifu, Creative Writer
Jess Probus, Director of Market, Commerce
Ellie Bate, Celebrity Reporter and Talent Coordinator
Delia Cai, Global Adaptation Editor
Andrew Ziegler, Senior Editor, BFO
Abid Anwar, Deputy Director of Social Media, BFO
Adam Davis, Editorial Project Manager, Commerce
Jarvis Miller, Data Scientist
Mireille Keuroghlian, Associate Social Media Strategist / Curation
Manuel Palou, Senior Software Engineer
Lara Parker, Senior Editor, BFO
Eileen Connors, Senior Producer
Loryn Brantz, Character Development Lead
Anna Mendoza, Photo Editor
Michael Rusch, Global News Curation Editor
Kyle Davis, Creative Writer
Samantha Wieder, Staff Writer, Market Team
Jamie Jones, Senior Editor, UK
Rebecca Close, Software Engineer, Ads
Zach McGrath, Senior IT Manager
Marni Cordell, Head of News, Australia
Hannah Mueller, Social Media Strategist
Tommy Wesely, VP, Branded Content
Ola Sendecka, Staff Software Engineer
Juliana Kataoka, Staff Writer, BFO
Emily Rothschild, Supervising Producer, AM to DM
Brian Taniyama, IT Manager
Jen Ruggirello, Video Producer, Ladylike
Erin Ortiz, IT Specialist
Michelle No, Staff Writer, Tasty
Elizabeth Lilly, Market Editor
Summer Anne Burton, Head of BFO
James Harness, Lead Social Media Strategist
Chris Peña, Community Editor
Josh Taylor, Senior News Reporter
Anthony Cormier, Senior Investigative Reporter
Alison Wong, Senior Creative Producer, Branded Video
Ryan Brooks, Political Reporter
Peggy Wang, Executive Director, BF Media Brands
Kayla Yandoli, Video Producer
Debanjali Bose, Associate Producer, Profile
Caelan Hughes, Social Media Manager, BuzzFeed Commerce
Nicole Ench, Junior Graphic Designer, Creative
Shani Hilton, VP of News and Programming
Adrian Rosales, Associate Social Media Strategist
Cheska Bacaltos, Social Media Strategist
James Burns, Senior Director of Engineering, Tech
Daniela Cadena, Staff Writer, As/Is
Emily Csik, Office Coordinator
Dilip Rajan, Senior Product Manager
Becky Harris, Video Producer
John Templon, Investigative Reporter
Julie Elliston, Development Assistant
Chris Gera, Video Producer
Javier Moreno, Senior Manager
Kelly Diamond, Video Producer, BuzzFeed Originals
Natalie Ullman, Junior Social Video Producer
Ryann Graham, Video Producer
Liza Hicks, News Video Producer
Alice DuBois, Product Director, Tech
Pierce Abernathy, Junior Producer, Tasty
Kari Koeppel, Video Research & QC Manager
Thomas Scott, News Curator
Laryssa Husiak, Software Engineer
Colin Gorenstein, Market Writer
Jeremy Koenig, Lead Social Video Editor, Publishing
AnaMaria Glavan, Market Writer
Vanessa Cunto, Tasty
Caroline Amaba, Senior Software Engineer
Brian Galindo, Senior Writer, BFO
Nick Hardy, Senior Business Analyst, Data Science
Heather Braga, Shopping and Products Editor
Chelsea Olle, Advertising
Shyanne Wester, Global Operations Associate
Brent Bennett, Video Producer
Dan Bouza, Broadcast A1, Video Programming
Samantha Oltman, Deputy Editor, Tech & Business Desk
Victor Stepanov, BuzzFeed Russia, META, video editing
Kemi Ajisekola, Branded Content Writer- Creative
Jessie Wu, Software Engineer, BFO Tech
Pete Walters, Staff Software Engineer
Kirby Beaton, Research Coordinator
Matt Greenwell, Director of Engineering
Nichole Perkins, Co-host, Thirst Aid Kit, Audio
Mitch Prothero, Reporter World
Alan White, UK News Editor
Patrick Ward, Video Producer BFO
Matthew Ciampa, Jr. Video Producer, Tasty
Justin Thomas, Creative Producer, Creative Department
Andre Borges, News Production Manager, BuzzFeed India
Tim Unkenholz, Junior Creative Writer
Taylor Patterson, Adaptation Editor
Ikran Dahir, News Reporter
Margaret Jung, Video Producer
Alexis Tirado, Head of Pero Like
Juliane Löffler, Reporter, BuzzFeed News Germany
Kimberly Dadds, Head of Celebrity and Entertainment
Nick Arnold, Video Producer, BuzzFeed Australia
Benjamin Henry, Celebrity Reporter
Natalya Lobanova, Staff Writer, BuzzFeed UK
Srishti Dixit, Video Producer, BuzzFeed India
Arundhati Dahiya, Editorial Assistant, BuzzFeed India
Zeta Morgan, Buzz Video Producer
Alberto Nardelli, Europe Editor
Hannah Al-Othman, Political Reporter
Emily Ashton, Senior Politics Correspondent
Alex Spence, Senior UK Political Correspondent
Alex Wickham, Senior Politics Correspondent
Jana Pollack, Creative Director, Creative
Ariel Kaminer, Investigations Editor
Swati Vauthrin, Senior Director of Engineering, Tech
Olivia Sohn, Research Manager
Hanifah Rahman, Junior Staff Writer
James DeVogelear, Design Director
Patrick McMenamin, Executive Producer
Matt Marrazzo, Senior Research Analyst
Rachel Gaewski, Junior Video Producer
Dan Meruelo, Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Theodore Andricos, Senior Software Engineer
Sami Simon, Product Manager, Tech
Clark McCaskill, Senior Creative Writer
Hal Rhorer, Celebrity Content Lead, Video Producer
David Bertozzi, Social Strategist
Dan Blaushild, Illustrator, Creative
Rafael Capanema, Staff Writer, Brazil
Katelyn Stoll, Manager, Ad Operations
Essence Gant, Senior Beauty Editor, As/Is
Ian Feather, Principal Engineer, Tech
Christopher Kelley, Senior Developer
Alissa Foti, Distribution Coordinator, Advertising
Richard Malary, Sr Video Operations Specialist
Kevin Valente, Illustrator
Victoria Reyes, Designer
Kimberly Berzak, Video Monetization Lead, Distro
Mike Giglio, Senior National Security Correspondent
Louise Khong, Content & Publishing Lead, Bring Me
Vincent Sung, Distribution Lead, Branded
Heidi Blake, Global Investigations Editor
Bill Grant, Senior Network Engineer
Alex Campbell, UK Investigations Editor
Rachel Dunkel, Market Writing Fellow
William Smith, Junior Illustrator
Ryan Hague, Strategic Planning Director, Marketing
Diana Diep, Senior Client Services Manager
Dan Geiger, Manager, Recruiting Operations
Oscar Diaz, Experiential Manager
Morgan Murrell, Celebrity & Pop Culture Writer
Ben Kothe, Junior Designer, Art Desk
Marjan Farsad, Creative Designer
Peter Karp, Staff Software Engineer
Zareen Abbasi, Ad Ops Lead, Distribution
Lyla Ribot, Creative Lead Animator
Elena Garcia, Senior Writer
Erick Yellott, Software Engineer
Yeny Santoso, QA Engineer
Victoria Hoang, Client Services Manager
Marc-Andre Savoie, Software Engineer
Ryan Schocket, Writer
Isabel Castillo, Junior Producer, Media Brands
Íñigo Arredondo, News Editor, Mexico
Melissa Coleman, Business Operations, Education Manager
Rod Wilson, Enterprise Platforms Engineer
Daniel Toolan, Research
Christine Orlowsky, Brand Strategy
Lizz Hickey, Character Development Lead
Maria Enderton, Senior Software Engineer, Media Brands
Alexis deBoschnek, Senior Food Specialist
Rita Sokolson, Manager, Video Monetization
Whitney Jefferson, Deputy Editorial Director, BFO
Troy Brady, Mailroom Coordinator
Kaylin Burke, Associate Social Media Strategist
Sarah Ivy, Jr AP Associate
Alex Kantrowitz, Senior Technology Reporter
Steven Causey, Casting Coordinator
Alicia Pitts, Production Resident
Jasmin Sandal, Creative Writer
Kelsey Sutherland, Sr. Client Service Manager
Deeksha Bhushnan, Junior Video Producer
Melissa Rodriguez, Ad Ops & Paid Social Lead
Emily DePaula, Tasty
Andrew Gauthier, Head Of BuzzFeed Video
Sebastian Silva, Video Editor, Post Production
Justine Teu, Lead on Branded Distribution
Elizabeth Kigar, Quality Control Specialist, BFO
TJ Marchbank, 1st AD Production
Christian Zamora, Talent Relations & Senior Celeb Writer
Sunday He, Paid Social Coordinator, Branded Distribution
Elizabeth Pears, News Editor
Bianca Lambert, Social Video Coordinator, Social Team
Neena Paul, Paid Social Distribution Lead, Branded Distribution
Becky Barnicoat, Senior Writer and Illustrator
Joe Morelli, Sales
Stephanie Cozza, Nifty Video Producer
Tracey Ford, Senior Managing Editor, BFO
Selorm Kploanyi, Video Producer on As/Is
Matt Landes, Senior Ad Operations and Paid Social Lead
Sheila Vedala, Manager, Research
Will McCutchen, Software Architect, Data Infrastructure
Gabriella D’Addardio, Senior Manager, International
Simon Crerar, Editor + GM, Australia
Fana López, News Reporter
Jack Shepherd, Editorial Director, BFO
Sonia Thomas, Senior Writer, BuzzFeed India
Crystal Hatch, Video Producer, Goodful
Amy Ru, Designer, AM to DM
Dayle Marie, Social Media Coordinator
Sheridan Watson, Senior Editor, BFO
Hazel Shearing, Lead Curation Editor, UK News
Phil Fox, IT Manager, Video Technology and Media Operations
Nora Dominick, Junior Staff Writer
Ellyse O’Halloran, Social Video Editor
Stacey Wong, QC Specialist and Editor
Alan Lewin, Production Coordinator
Emma Tyler, Social Strategist
Tanner Smith, Production Coordinator, Media Brands
Ben Mims, Head of Culinary, BuzzFeed Commerce
Sean O’Connell, Manager, Distribution
Tessa Donolli, Producer, News
Jackie Lee, Animation Freelancer
Jon-Michael Poff, Editor, BFO
Tarn Susumpow, Video Producer, Nifty
Daniel Watkins Equipment, Specialist/ Productions Ops
Rachel Schnalzer, Video Research Associate
Allyson Laquian, Video Producer, Tech, BuzzFeed News
Alaina Rook, Video Research Associate
Kevin McShane, Supervising Producer, BuzzFeed Studios
Alice Workman, Political Editor, BuzzFeed Australia
Grace Wyler, News Editor
Nathan Ng, Tasty Jr. Producer
Rachael Gomes, Client Services Manager
Hana Carpenter, Product Designer
Jessica Massa, Supervising Video Producer, BFO
Griffin Bohen-Meissner, Sr. Project Manager

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