Uncovering the secrets behind the Fifty Shades Of Grey Lego trailer phenomenon

How the Lego trailer got 4 million views and 10 thousand subscribers in one week

By Francesco Buonaurio — BuzzMyVideos Audience Development / Partner Manager

This Fifty Shades of Grey Lego Spoof Gives a Whole New Meaning to the term ‘Sex Toy’ — Time

This is the title of the Time’s post (yes, that one, the magazine that nominates the person of the year) dedicated to the Fifty Shades of Grey — Lego Trailer by Italian BuzzMyVideos creator Antonio Toscano.

Fifty Shades of Grey — Lego Trailer

On YouTube Antonio amuses his audience with stop-motion animation made with Lego bricks, the most famous and colourful bricks in the world. His latest work is about one of the most discussed movies in recent history: Fifty Shades of Grey, which was released on Valentine’s Day 2015 in the US.

The first trailer for the movie dropped on the 24th July 2014, based on the popular and highly talked about book of the same name by author, E. L. James. As soon as Antonio saw this first trailer he knew what his next project was going to be. He had already experienced some success with his Iron Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego trailers, which both did well but this time he worked with BuzzMyVideos on a strategy to maximum the reach of his latest masterpiece.

Instead of rushing out his Lego trailer after the first movie trailer (seven months before the movie was due to be released), Antonio waited instead to publish his video the week of the movie’s release, which happened to coincided with Valentine’s Day and guaranteed the buzz around the movie would be at its highest.

Antonio released his Lego trailer on the 2nd February 2015 and thanks to the timing, a well optimised video and his healthy subscriber base he reached 34k+ views in two days.

BuzzMyVideos then engaged its press team to draft media alerts to circulate the trailer among key press contacts from the movie, lifestyle, news, technology and entertainment sectors (in Italy such as Wired, Panorama, Corriere.it, Vogue, Vanity Fair worldwide like Variety, Mashable, Reuters, Independent, DailyMail, Time and many more).

On the 5th February Antonio’s video views jumped by 1000% to 378k+ views.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Lego trailer is better than the real thing — Mashable

This was when the worldwide media’s interest in Fifty Shades of Grey was at its highest and every press outlet was hungry for anything that might be related to its release … like say a cute little Lego trailer! From there it was a no brainer for the press to get behind and promote Antonio’s video. It spread like wildfire and resulted in over 50 top international mentions across national newspapers and some of the world’s leading tech, news and entertainment sites.

On the 5th day of the video’s release it hit over 1 million+ views and two days later its views tripled to 3 million+ views.

Watch: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Goes Lego With Whips, Chains and Bricks — Variety

To date, two thirds of the video’s total views are from video embeds on websites, proof that the press activity was hugely successful in not just spreading the news about the video but also driving views. This would have been moot though if it wasn’t for strategically timing the video’s release for optimum reach.

What was also important in its success was: (a) ensuring the video’s metadata was fully optimised for the YouTube platform and search; (b) engagement with fans on YouTube and Facebook; (c) following up the videos’ release with a Lego trailer / movie trailer comparison video to keep the attention high on Antonio’s channel; and (d) capitalising on the viral success of his video by ensuring that he had a strong call-to-action in his video annotations and description so that he could convert new fans into subscribers, which resulted in a subscriber boost of more than 10k within one week.

For Antonio, his Fifty Shades of Grey — Lego Trailer was the perfect storm of having exceptional content delivered to take advantage of a double barrel trending event (the movie’s release plus Valentine’s Day) and having the right support (thanks to BuzzMyVideos’ partner management and press team) to help his video reach its greatest potential for success.

Lego Christian … sexier than the real thing? You decide.

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