To: The Millennial Job Hopper

If the primary motivator for a new job is money, fuck it. Stay where you are.

People chasing incremental wage increases will be doing that for their whole career. In the grand scheme of life, what is an extra $10,000 a year at 26? Will the extra $650 (post tax) per month make for a better life? Sure, it may seem like a meaningful chunk of change right now, but what will you do with it? Go out more? Pick up a new hobby? Buy more beer? If you’re like most Americans, that money spent and you will go back to looking for a new job for another $10k wage increase — never building skills to set you up for a meaningful, rewarding, or enjoyable career.

You’re in an enviable position. You have a job where you’ve learned, moved up and established yourself in a company. Having a job now means you are in control and you do not need to settle or take a job to pay rent. That a give you an amazing opportunity to select your next career move rather than the job picking you.

That being said, your next move is an important one.

My advice: Set aside a few hours next weekend and plan. You will spend 90,000 hours of your life working. Invest in it — planning matters. Planning will set you apart.

Start by listing out the 5 categories below:

1. Strengths: Fast learner; time management; looks at the big picture — analyze long-term goals; analytical; curious; team player

2. I enjoy: Creative project & design; problem solving; making a big contribution; doing the impossible; constantly challenging myself/learning new things; teaching others; working with a driven team

3. I do NOT enjoy: Not being challenged; having to say no; not having goals or objectives

4. I am motivated by: Seeing the impact of my work; meeting, completing and exceeding project goals

5. I can add value by: You get the picture..

You can create this list based on your current position or more general.

Once you’ve done that, do something different — go for a run, play video games, hopscotch, whatever — just clear you mind for the next part.

Here is where you have to get serious about your future. Most people don’t do this because it’s hard. (Suck it up — your future self will thank you)

Life Goal: What do you want? A wife, 2 kids and a house in the suburbs. Great. Private Jet? Awesome. Everyone values different things. Just make sure this is something you truly want out of life.

Now comes the career part — Find a few people that have what you want or have achieved your long-term objective. Research them. You don’t have to know them or even dig to deep. Simply analyze their career path. This will provide you with a better understanding of what roles/companies/jobs you should be exploring to set your future on the right path

Personal Review: Now that you know what it takes, are you willing to put in the effort to make it happen?

I assume you said yes.


Picture yourself about 10 years out. What is a happy ‘You’ doing at 36? CEO? Director? Rock star salesperson? Entrepreneur? What ever the role, its likely you haven’t quite built up the necessary skills be a successful “X” — Yet. Take a look through your network. Do you know anyone whose been there, done that? If so, reach out. You would be surprised how welcoming people are to talk about their experiences and give advice

At this point, you’ve either stopped reading or you know where I am going next: Your Next Job!

Look for companies whose values align with yours. Companies that have an internal career path to help you achieve your wildest dreams. Find companies who will help you build the right skills for the future. Will the money be 20% more than what your making right now? Maybe yes, maybe no. But money shouldn’t be the objective in your 20’s — you’re suppose to struggle, be concerned about paying rent, look at smug peers in sales and think “fuck them.” It’s all part of growing up. Own it.

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