GONE GIRL (2014) Movie Review

Directed By: David Fincher
Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is a faithful adaptation of the widely popular novel of the same title by Gyllian Flynn. The delusional titular characters of Nick and Amy Dunne are portrayed by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike respectively.

The movie retains all the quirks and novelties of the novel as the screenplay from the author herself comes to the advantage. For those who read the novel beforehand the movie seems to be lacking in substance and almost empty at times; yet it rewards nothing less than a spectacular montage of character study.

Both Affleck and Pike are as sophisticated as their fictional counterparts Nick and Amy; two complex and relentless characters who don’t dither to go to the extreme extent to win over the other.

The portrayal of Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne gives the impression that the role was specifically written for him. Affleck’s character fluctuates smoothly between the claustrophobic and democratic situations as circumstances dictates.

In the novel Pike’s Amy Dunne has a slight domination over her husband Nick for which the whys and wherefores are given under specific grounds. Amy is a much more deep and intricate character. But the silver screen manifestation of the character lacks density; the character appears unsubstantiated and more flimsy.

Despite the common inevitable flaws that movie adaptation of novels necessarily inherits, David Fincher’s distinctive style bestows the aberrant tale of disturbed marital relationship of the Dunnes family the right platform.

Entertaining and thought provoking , sleek, dark and intelligent (unsympathetically bloody and unemotional at times; that which Fincher movies are no alien to), with a strong cast and brilliant screenplay Gone Girl is Fincher’s most ingenious and creative work up till now.

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