See who supports good design!

When preparing each edition of the By Design Conference we often reach out to the partners who inspire us, deliver good products, we’re fan of, collaborate with them long-term and of course, trust them. And we are delighted to get support of the best brands. Thanks to their them we were able to put together such a unique event as the By Design Conference.

Our general partner is Tatra banka, a great supporter of design and innovations. At the conference, you can enjoy yourself at their Tatra banka lounge where you can meet new people, get a cup of coffee and relax a bit. They also sponsor the great conference prize you can win — a big package of books about design and business. Don’t forget to visit the lounge and sign in the draw!

The conference is supported by Commercial Type and we couldn’t be happier to get the support from the type foundry we admire a lot and use their fonts almost everywhere. Find a little present from them in your goodie bag. Big thanks to Europapier and Mondi. Visit their kiosk at the conference to take some free samples; they’ve also provided Pergraphica paper on which both the conference bulletin and poster are printed. Speaking of which, they’re printed by our partner printer Valeur, who also prints our Backstage Talks magazine. Branding prints were made at Bright, who offers perfectly tailored solutions in terms of digital printing. Our friends at Imagine and Konsepti create beautiful and comfortable spaces for living and all the design sitting pieces around the lounge and stage are provided by them.

Thanks to our media partners Big media and you can hear more about design.

There are still more brands who helped us to make this conference happen. Our friends at STRV will host Friday warm-up event — a series of free talks about everyday struggles of designers. Thanks to the Spanish embassy we were able to bring Mucho studio to Bratislava. If you are still hungry for inspiration at the conference, visit Slovart bookstand filled with amazing books — not only from our speakers — about design and creativity. Cerberi studio, whom we admire very much, made our custom speakers’ lectern you will see on the stage.

Good food is a must and we are happy to share our favourite food bits with you thanks to our partners. Breakfast is essential and the one at our conference, as well as little tasty snacks during the day, will be provided by FACH where our local goods meet Scandinavian minimalism. Great specialty coffee will be served by fair-trade coffee shop Goriffee. But there’s more — you will never get thirsty thanks to mineral water Fatra, refreshing local cider Jablčnô, traditional Belgian beer Stella Artois and wines provided by

Big thanks also goes to our internet connection provider Vnet — telecommunication solutions that work. Thanks to them you can enjoy free wi-fi and share your favourite conference moments. We hope that Saturday will bring smiles on your faces. Our partner Curaprox provided us with toothbrushes with special black charcoal whitening toothpaste so you can smile even more. When it comes to textile printing, we immediately think of OP Tiger, quality ecoprinting on textile, who provided us with comfy staff t-shirts and fancy tote bags. And last but not least we thank Moduletto for those lovely notebooks you’ll find in goodie bags. Make sure to visit their kiosk at the conference where you can browse through more options and buy your very own customized notebook.

Thanks to all of the above-mentioned brands we are able to bring the best of design and business to Bratislava.

This year will be unforgettable once again and we are looking forward to see you all on May 20th at P. O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre.

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