Interested Podcast #1: Jarret Rogers

I have a podcast now, I guess? That’s such a weird thing. I still don’t really know what I’m doing and don’t know how I got here or where to go from here. I’m learning so many new things, and learning them very quickly. Quite literally, I know nothing about audio and how to communicate in this way yet. But, I have this podcast.

It’s called Interested. I want it to be intelligent conversations with smart people, people that I like, that I can learn something from, and people who I think bring perspectives that are important for other people to hear.

I’m super nervous about this, and, if you can’t hear it in my voice during the episode, I was incredibly nervous while recording this. Believe it or not, there’s tremendous pressure when you have to keep a conversation going for an hour straight. This is my first time around, and, without a doubt, it was incredibly difficult. But I’m glad I’m challenging myself.

Below this here paragraph is episode one. I hope it doesn’t suck. Thank you to Jarret Rogers for being my guest and encouraging me to do this. Thank you to Victor Sotomayor and Duke Jordan for the music you hear at the beginning and end of the podcast. Thank you to anyone who said I should do this, and anyone who has supported me to this point. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here, and I couldn’t have done it without any of the wonderful people who are backing me.

If you want a guide to the episode, here it is:

1.00 — what the interested podcast is
6.00 — is being famous good? or is it bad? as it’s related to vince staples
15.00 — chance the rapper wants to be everyone’s best friend
21.00 — ranting about chance the rapper, doing things just for other people
28.00 — why people connect to vlogs on youtube
30.00 — philip defranco being more secure than anyone on cnn or fox news
33.00 — people investing in individuals, not organizations
40.00 — vlogs moving out of the mainstream, and why
47.00 — people doing things for the wrong reasons
54.00 — what drives people? how do passions fade?
1.01.00 — why nike’s slogan is the best, but romantic

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