NBA 2K17 Review — Is It Just A Roster Update?

2K Sports’ 18th NBA installment has only been out for four days, but within those four days, I feel as if I got a great grip on the game to review it. From gameplay to the two most popular game modes, we will go in depth with everything in this review. I even brought in a dedicated MyTeam fan to hear his words on the new and improved mode this year.

Is this just a roster update and a re-skin? Is it better then last years installment? We will touch on all that right here, so let’s get into it.

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Gameplay -

Excellent. The game is fluid, the shots that go in make sense and the shots that don’t do so as well. It is basketball, so you always have the occasional stupid shot that goes in, but it isn’t overabundant. Dribbling is much improved and you can actually split defenders and dribble into the lane this year. Passing is improved in the sense it’s much harder to throw dimes and pass out shots without consequence. The shooting mechanism is different but is for the better. If you get a good release it is most likely going in if you are capable of that shot type. ‘Greenlights’ are much more common but you are rewarded for taking open looks.

Graphics -

It’s 2K and 2016, which means it is VERY hard to mess up graphics, especially in a sports game unless you are NBA Live. The players are super realistic, barring Evan Fournier and they are immersive, especially in the park. Each arena has different shaders and lighting as well as each court in the park. The graphics are top notch but I wouldn’t expect anything less, so nothing here to really praise about.

Servers -

Absolutely fantastic. I have yet to be kicked off them and they have not gone down. Whatever they did, it is working and paying dividends. I have experienced zero to no lag on every game mode while loading in to the game or in the game itself. Loading into parks now takes seconds rather than minutes, even for the most basic internet packages. The store is also responsive with no input lag as you change menus and purchase things instantly. Fantastic job on this 2K, I tip my hat.

MyTeam -

Now I am going to be completely honest, I don’t play MyTeam as much as I use to — but I still have a good grip on the mode. Custom jerseys and courts are back which is dope, and the OPENING content is better than ever with numerous versions of each superstar. The pesky speed restrictions are gone which is good and bad. It’s bad for people who don’t have good teams at the beginning of the game and don’t spend money. It’s good for people who get into the game mode late and want to use the best players. That’s about as much as I have knowledge about from my brief playtime. Fear not though because I brought my good friend and dedicated MyTeam fan, Brandon Ramos to give his thoughts and opinions as well.

“2K is making huge improvements and I feel like every year the game gets better and better. Is it hard to go ‘no money spent’ in MyTeam? Yes and no. Yes because there aren’t many ways to earn MT once again, which sucks. On the flip side, there are great ways to earn amazing players for your team such as domination and the new MyTeam online so that is a positive. I also love the collection rewards and packs. I also like the ways you can get players / rewards this year… Sadly, there is still no improvement on the auction house which is a disappointment. “— Brandon Ramos

MyCareer -

The best MyCareer storyline I have ever played, hands down. The story is authentic, realistic and you are in charge unlike last years ‘Spike Lee joint’. On top of that, the story doesn’t have any impact on your actual career other than obvious endorsements and on the court friendships. You can be straight trash in college or you can be Top 3 worthy pick, you aren’t forced anywhere. Michael B. Jordan also does a GREAT job playing the role of Justice Young, a player that doesn’t feel forced and doesn’t ruin the aspect of it being a realistic NBA career mode like Jackson Ellis did. Justice Young is a realistic, un-drafted teammate, not a random, fellow top 5 pick.

As far as the gameplay goes, everything applied in that subsection still stands. Also, they took out the annoying, pointless high school element of MyCareer and replaced it with a much better college and an Olympic simulator that is actually worth playing. Last year you played 3 HS games and 4 college ones and didn’t see a speck of VC, now you earn normal amounts for the latter. The only blunder with MyCareer, like always, is that if you are on a bad team, once you get subbed out the game it is over for you. No matter how good you play or how much you are up by, the backups or starters blow it.

Now let’s talk player builds. We are only four days in, but none of the players seem overpowered. Obviously some builds like 6’4 shot creator and the point forward archetype excel, but if you aren’t gonna get blown off the court in MyPark or suck in MyCareer unless you don’t what you are doing. I am a big fan how no player is similar and how every construction part of your player has an impact on how he plays/what he is good at.

Verdict -

The game is downright fantastic. It is as good as a sports game can get and you can tell 2K really listened to the fans with this one. Obviously, some things still aren’t perfect like the variety of MyPark Clothes and the fact that it is still very hard to earn MT, but 2K has come a long way. I am very happy with the game this year and think it is a must buy, without a doubt for NBA fans and a must buy for general sports fans and sports gamers.