Kids Are Bringing Me The Joy of Christmas Year Round

I never expected to be so excited about other peoples children and Christmas as an adult. Most of my children are adults now and the last two being in High School, Christmas is just a time of getting gifts, eating a traditional family meal and time off to do nothing.

Several years back I began building mostly business apps for few people and later I created a few from some of my own ideas with a couple of friends. Last year, just about a month before Christmas we created this free app called “Get Santa Text”, a way for kids to be able to text Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

It was a fun innocent app and we really didn’t expect it to do much. Well within a few days, the texts messages started coming in. Kids seems to basically be testing the app with “hi or Is this Santa”. So of course, “Santa” had to respond :) with “Ho Ho Ho, are you ready for Christmas?” “How have you been this year so far, on the Nice or Naughty List?…” Before I realized it, Santa was getting a hundred or more texts a day.

These were the most genuine, heartfelt, beautiful messages ever. Pure love and innocence from these adorable children. I was literally lighting up with each text I read. Some kids even telling on there sibling or dog who was being naughty, saying they may need coal for Christmas. The would say they were leaving cookies and milk out on Christmas Eve… Just non-stop Joy from this app. We create another app, “Text Get Santa” for iPhone and added more pages to the app so that after Christmas, kids could send a picture of their gifts with their parents permission only.

Before we knew it the apps had over 50,000 downloads and still growing. We were overwhelmed by text messages as Christmas became closer and felt bad that not every child was able to receive a personal text message back. Since We’ve since added a website and offered personalized video messages from Santa and are working to do a lot more things for kids to bring greater joy to them. We started a Kickstarter to help make the app and site more user friendly and are in dire need to make it so the every child would be able to at least receive a general message back from Santa. Please take a look at the campaign to learn more about what this means to me and others. There are photos and more text examples there.

I promise you, if you have children, share this app with them and watch how they light up when Santa responds. The texts don’t stop after Christmas, they continue throughout the year, which is beautiful.

PS: you can message me here and we can confirm a definite time and I’ll be sure to have “Santa” with the app to respond. This is such a delight.