The trouble with Claire

1st disclosure: this contains spoilers about Netflix’s House of Cards season 4 episodes 1–3.

2nd disclosure: I’m on Team Claire.

Claire Underwood is an ambitious woman. She is certainly Frank’s equal in making no bones about on whom she tramples when reaching a goal. I don’t particularly admire that trait, but I found myself wanting to smack Frank around last season when he started the habit of talking to Claire like mud on his shoe. Naturally, that makes me want to cheer Claire on this season while she gives Frank a taste of his own medicine.

But for the love of God, woman, STOP tacking on overambitious requests when you finally have his undivided attention!

The whole conversation-with-mud-on-his-shoe attitude started after she resigned as ambassador last season, about which he had warned her that she wasn’t qualified. Sure, she has plenty of experience with helping Frank pull strings in his elections, but her lack of public experience means that her colleagues (correctly) assume that she used her husband’s influence to get that position. Therefore, they have zero respect for her in that specific role.

So now she’s doing it again. She got Frank’s attention (and respect) back for a whole 4 minutes before she launched the VP bomb. This makes me sad, because I feel like now the rest of season 4 will be him mercilessly stomping her into the aforementioned mud again.

I know, I know. Characters without flaws are boring. Frank has plenty of flaws but manages to keep the viewers cheering for him. Claire is just as resourceful as he is in orchestrating a big move on the survivor island, but then gets a little nuts with it and goes back into “emotional woman mode,” which doesn’t fit in with any other aspect of her character.

The level of oozing disdain that Frank uses in conversations with her is flat insulting to all women, and the fact that she stands there and takes it is even worse. Unfortunately, my level of enjoyment of watching the show drastically decreases at that point. I don’t doubt that Karma is expectantly waiting to smack Frank like a big ol’ baseball bat, but I was really hoping that Claire would be doing the swinging.

I’ve only watched a few episodes, so maybe things will change up again. I welcome comments that may provide additional insight, if you’ve got any. No spoilers past episode 3 please!