5 Underrated Secrets: How To Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible
Max Lukominskyi

this is robustly useful to sort out challenges in any walk of life = be it commercial or physical & spiritual.as i was enjoying the article i was just relating it to a current assignment to participate in 2 time demanding committee s towards a forthcoming regional convention of FGBMFI SW1 in Nigeria it als o involves a lot of training by older officers who could postpone due to engagements in other zones of the Mission.However i realised the committee meetings regularly assign members to really dig deep and thoroughly scan the nooks /cranies of the very big city of Ibadan which a few of us assume we fairly or adequately know .it turned out to be we barely know only a tip of the iceberg and those or groups we are expected to reach and Invite sponsored Lunch a lot of us hardly know there are different ranks & such tiles must be correctly addressed otherwise our formal memos will be instantly rejected !

Other than logistics i didnt regret participation .I was exposed to how to professionals -very busy career people like doctors lawyers,ceos & bankers,police officers and civil defence corps customs ….Almost every new member gained how to reach these enormously preaent professionals in the city and how value laden such a demanding task is .Above all it will enlarge and fish in more souls to the convention and it will also expand membership of existing chapters & it will make our salvation more fruitful .Somebody authored a song years back -’Must I go empty handed ?’he committee work the committee work had been tasking yet it will also enrich individuals professionally. Thanks to this author for a rich post

gbemi tijani mst


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