How to use Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Do me a favor and next time you open your twitter app type #RealEstate into the search section. You are almost certain to find the feed littered with phrases like; “find me a buyer for 123 main” or “check out my listing”.

This, my friends is boring, and in today’s world of an already over-saturated Twitter feed this will get you and your brand nowhere.

Instead of trying to use Twitter to push your personal agenda (i.e. listings) why don’t you try using it for what it was actually intended to do, actually engage with people. Why? Because people are your business and engaging with them is the best way to actually get their attention so that someday you might have the chance to help them in their next real estate quest.

Pay close attention because this is so easy you may miss it:

1. Type “Moving to ________” (put your selling/farming location or State in the space)

2. Go over to the tab “All Tweets” or “Live”

3. Start replying to people in real time that have expressed they are moving to your area or State.

That’s it. Simply start a conversation with them. Don’t spam them with a link to your listing rather just ask them what part of the State they are moving to or suggest a great local hotspot they could visit. Add value and you will find that people want to further continue the discussion.

Conversations lead to relationships, and the more real relationships we have will lead to more contacts that are ready to purchase. And of course the game is always the same: Contacts = Contracts.

Being genuinely interested counts, people do not want to be sold.

I have been using this “Twitter tip” ever since I started listening to @GaryVee. Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s show #AskGaryVee on youtube, facebook or download the podcast for other bad-ass tips like this one.