I moderate a 5 minute, 5am call with about 80 people on the east coast who are super obsessed and passionate about their success. This is how today’s call went..

What I am going to start with might surprise some of you, especially if you do not know me or if this is the first 5am club call you have ever been on. What I would like to kick this week off with is 3 words that all of us have been familiar with our entire lives. Those 3 words are:


Now that could come off a little weird.. And you may be thinking Byron we’ve never met or you don’t know me that well..

But I can tell you with all the certainty in my body that I LOVE YOU

If you’re on this call I 100% LOVE YOU

One of the things that makes me more happy than anything in life is seeing people that are ALL-IN on their goals, their business, and living life on their terms.

I love people that are dedicated

I love people that are motivated

I love people that are 100% committed

I love people that WORK

I LOVE PEOPLE like this because they infuse me with so much energy to stay the course and do something great in life.

I am not afraid to tell those people whether it be in an email, text, phone call or in person that I LOVE YOU.

Just last night my wife and I were at her grandfather’s 75th birthday at a restaurant we used to go to all the time. We hadn’t been in a long time and we were wondering if the owner would remember us. As soon as we walked in she came up and gave us both a big hug and said I LOVE YOU guys. It wouldn’t have mattered if the food was good (it was great by the way) because the feeling she gave us in the first minute was enough to last the night. Especially for me, as this was coming from someone that works double shifts every day and pours her heart and soul into her work and all the people that come to visit her restaurant.

So don’t save your I LOVE YOUs for once in a-while moments. Today I want you to start your week giving out more I LOVE YOUs than you normally would. Make people feel good around you. Make your team feel great, your clients feel great, and most important make yourself feel empowered so you can have a true impact on others. Have a great Monday & I LOVE YOU.