The Best Way To Create Fibre Optic Internet Sharing In Windows Xp

This short article explains in detail how to create a small network at home in order to share your corporate internet between two computers.

Sharing the Internet connection between two computers

Connect the first one of your computers (the server) to the Net and analyze the connection to make sure that it’s functioning correctly. Then click Start -> Control Panel -> double click Network Connections -> right click the Internet connection and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab and check the Allow other network users to connect trough this computer’s zettanet.

Leave the option Allow other users to control or disable the shared Internet connection checked depending on your own preferences or unchecked. Click OK.

To be able to share your internet connection you have to network your primary computer (the server) with your other computer (the client) — this could be achieved with cross-over cable connecting the two PCs’ network cards.

Configuring the client — in your second PC open Control Panel -> double click Network Setup Wizard -> click Next -> Next again as well as about the next screen choose This computer connects to the Internet trough another computer on my network or trough a residential getaway.

if your computer has more than one connection select Let me choose the connections to my network, click Next then select the connection you need to configure (here is the connection between your two PCs) and then finish the Wizard (when prompted input a computer description and computer name, and also the name of your workgroup — this should be exactly the same on both computers — MSHOME by default). After you are finished with all the wizard right click on the Connection and choose Properties -> select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the “Properties” button -> make sure that Obtain an IP address automatically and the Obtain DNS server address automatically check boxes are selected.

Reboot both computers.

Troubleshooting. If you have followed the instructions and still can not share your connection do the following.

In the Command Prompt type:
ping and press Enter.

You ought to see something similar above which means that your two computers are connected correctly to the display. If you receive Ping request could not find host… or similar message that ensures that your two computers will not be connected — in case of wired connection ensure that the cables which might be connecting them are plugged in correctly and which you’re using the correct cables (cross-over cables).

Click Use the following IP address and enter IP address: Subnet mask:, leave default getaway clean. Select Use the following DNS server addresses but leave clean.

Click Use the following IP address and enter IP address: Subnet mask:, default option escape choose Use the following DNS server addresses and enter for the first one and leave the second one blank Home Page.