Sales and Marketing, no secret formula just bring value to customers

Somebody might have told you that there are a lot of ways you can sell and that is called marketing. Well Marketing in reality is also about selling, Marketing is about everything that brings value to the customers. Only by building this relationship you can build and grow your business.

There are a lot of ways to do it and there is no secret or magic code or tool that you could use, you have just to understand where your customer is and where his attention is, then use tools to transfer them value. I’m stunned by seeing companies that still in 2016 are using television ads and email marketing to sell to a young audience.

Here I’ll put some tips you might want to use that could help you sell better and grow organically.

Know who is your customer

Yes this is the first and most important thing to know. Who is your customer? Age? Sex? Social Group? Nationality? Social Class? Everything is fundamental to know because price, distribution, and communication of the product goes along with it!

Maximize value to customers in you activities

You found out who your customer is? Then proceed to maximize the value of every activity inside your company to provide better services to your customer.

Find where your customer spends his attention, Content and Context!

Now that you have everything in place is time to find out where your customer spends his attention. What does it mean? Well if you wanna sell shoes to old people for sure you are not gonna use instagram neither snapchat. Use social media and tools that your customer use on a everyday bases. Create valuable content on the right context (context = Where attention is)
Some examples?


Instagram is a powerful tool to sell still undervalued, understand how to use it


Snapchat is growing everyday and it’s still super undervalued, if your target customer is on that platform create content on this platform, you will see great results!


You can use youtube to create video your customer can consume instead of pure text. Video is always better


Facebook has a staggering amount of data, an advertising on this platform, like a dark post, should be your first move!

Bring some value before even think about selling

Yes you shouldn’t ask first but share valuable things and news for your customers, creating engagement and a community.

Use tools to better control your audience and reply instantly

Your customer needs to be understood and listened 24/7 day by day. You can’t miss on good and bad feedback, you can’t miss people talking about you. Take some time to control and listen to your community or just say “thanks” to some of them sometimes.
To find out more about your customer and the audience you can also use twitter!

Create relationship with customers

As introduced in the previous paragraph is fundamental that you all build relationships with each and every customer. They are the backbone of your business, remember it!

Invest on great design

Design, Image, Branding, User Experience is becoming icreasingly important this should be the first thing in which you have to invest in, bad design and image will curse you, don’t be scrappy.

Mobile first!

Guys you have to invest in being a mobile first company. Nowadays the number of people buying from mobile has increased and it’s surpassing the web.

Surround yourself and every activity with extraordinary people

Last but not least, you have to surround yourself and your company with great people, talented people of course but also empatical and good people. This is very important!

Value Value Value, and then Sell

Ok now if you did everything correctly you might be able to sell, by all these tips you will have created customer lifetime value. What does it mean? That the customer will buy again and again from you because he trusts you and he will create good word of mouth for you which is still the most important thing to have, good reputation always wins!

That’s it, these are the basic principles you might want to use, why don’t you go into the specifics? Read about this, give us some feedback and if you need some advice we are here to help you out.