Bystack Weekly News

Jun 25 · 2 min read
  1. The testnet of Bystack officially released and now you can try it now.
  2. Bystack Block Producer Recruitment Shanghai Station was held successfully. Bytom CFO Li Zongcheng、Bytom CTO Lang Yu、CTO of MathWallet Eric、 Head of NGC StakeX Cai Yan and Founder of Jarvis+ Steven Wu had a heated discussion surrounding the recruitment of Bystack and investment opportunity with Staking.
  3. Bystack Beijing Station will open soon. Bystack Block Producer Recruitment 3rd station will be held in Beijing. Bytom founder Changjia and Bytom CFO Li Zongcheng will share the BBFT and staking.
  4. Software, hardware and network requirements of Block Producer

Block Producer Apply:


Bystack Whitepaper:

5. This week Mathwallet and Cobo wallet have participated in Block Producer election. For detail:


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