Bytom Development Challenge

Feb 22, 2019 · 3 min read
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Bytom Development Challenge is a sustainable campaign which orients to motivate the developer community. Through the online competition, the winners will be selected to participate in the Bytom final development competition.


  • Collaboration with leading blockchain-Bytom
  • Token reward and cold start resources
  • Project incubation and investment
  • Promotion in well-known open source community
  • Supports by excellent enterprises

Challenge theme

Customized:Users can come up with any topic to participate the challenge but you have to develop through the interface and smart contract of Bytom.

  • Judicial preservation, copyright protection, and contract;
  • Product traceability and data marketing;
  • Security computation, data audit, and financial risk control;
  • Blockchain tools such as blockchain health monitoring, contract security analysis, etc.

Extra Bounty

First you have the meet the requirements above, and here are some themes you can take into consideration for extra rewards.


  • Challenge time: Feb-May,2019
  • Application deadline: April 1st
  • Online developing workshop: March 1st and March 20th
  • Deadline for the first submission: April 5th
  • Deadline for final submission: May 1st
  • Reward: May 2nd-May 7th


  • Each participant group should have no more than five members. Individual participant can team up freely, but can only join one group and cannot take the competition repeatedly.
  • Anyone belongs to the host cannot take part in the competition

Project requirements

  • Combine Bytom technology with other technology
  • Your project must be completed independently. No cheating or infringement of intellectual property is allowed. Entrants failing in doing so will be disqualified
  • After being checked by the Organizing Committee, your project will be selected to enter the competition for further improvement.

Project submission

  • Submit your project to the form: and submit your codes to:
  • Projects should be completed functionally, you can also submit package or deployed version


First prize*1:100,000BTM

Judging rules

Blockchain value

  • All entries must be built on smart contracts or interfaces of Bytom while fully embodying the value and advantage of Blockchain technology

Technology implementation

  • The smart contract projects should feature rational design and complete functional design.
  • Its stable operation is absolutely a guarantee for efficiency and quality.
  • It is designed with sufficient safety and protection mechanism

Commercial value

  • If entries present great commercial value, they can be commercialized directly as representatives of industry application for potential profitability


  • Compared with those mature solutions in the industry, entries should illustrate innovation and creativity with better performance.

Product design

  • The interactive design should be reasonable
  • Easy to be understood and used
  • Excellent user experience.

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