Bytom Mainnet Migration

Bytom mainnet was launched on April 24th,2018,mainnet migration and token swap is moving forward.Now most platforms have finished mainnet migration.You can deposit your erc20 token to 、、 ( )、Bitpie wallet(Android now) for token swap,huobi(、 finished technical development and follow official announcement plz.

swap progress:
  1. Deposit to platforms which support token swap(deposit to address which starts with 0x)
  2. Platforms will help swap automatically
operation guidance
  1. ( 、

search BTM in your wallet and deposit to BTM_ETH,it will swap automatically

deposit to BTM(ETH)

Now bepal wallet、bitpie wallet and hyperpay wallet 、OKEx、OKCOIN KR、、、bibox、coinegg、CEO、CoinEx、Coolcoin、Kucoin、OEX、RightBTC、Lbank、Bepal、Allcoin、BBAEX、Tokok support Bytom mainnet !

If you want to confirm whether your BTM has been mainnet asset,check your deposit address.If it starts with bm,it’s done!


Search BTM and you will find the mainnet address.

If you need to swap from erc20 token to Bytom mainnet asset

Click “to deposit”,get the erc20 address and then deposit you erc20 token to this address and it will swap automatically.