Bytom Mainnet Release Milestone

Dear Bytom supporters around the world,

Bytom Blockchain has attracted much attention since started.

Bytom team are very proud to announce that Bytom Mainnet ‘Intelligent’ 1.0.0 version is officially released on April 24th 14:00 (GMT+8).

Bytom Blockchain Protocol is an interactive protocol of multiple byteassets. The mission of Bytom is to bridge the digital world and the physical world, and to build a decentralized network where various digital and physical assets can be registered and exchanged. The goal of Bytom is to become the world’s largest dedicated public blockchain platform, connecting various asset classes to the blockchain, enhancing the liquidity, security, and value of these assets.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication provided by Bytom developers, and we would like to thank you all for your persistent supports and belief in Bytom.

The Mainnet release has a symbolic significance for Bytom, which means that the vision of connecting the byte and the atomic world has taken a solid step. It means that diversification of assets blockchaination and efficient circulation becomes possible. It also means that community developers and users can really participate in the construction of Bytom ecology. Bytom will lead community supporters to work together to explore and achieve the vision of equitable benefit for everyone from decentralized collaboration.

Mainnet 1.0.0 Version will release following contents:

Genesis Block

The Genesis block is generated by the Bytom team, and the Genesis block will generate the BTM with the same balance as the previous ERC20 token.

‘Information is power. January 11, 2013. Computing is power. April 24, 2018. ‘. These two sentences is written in the Genesis block. The text is short but significant, let the mysteries be interpreted by time.

AI-Friendly POW Algorithm

Bytom Team creatively proposed a new algorithm called Tensority. Tensority is a consensus algorithm based on tensor calculation. By introducing Tensority algorithm, Bytom has learned the advantages of the previous BTC, LTC, and ETH algorithms, and improved based on their strengths, making the workload calculation more universal and friendly to ASICs. Meanwhile devices can engage in artificial intelligence cloud computing acceleration services, reducing hardware waste and making computing more socially valuable.

Paper of Tensority algorithm has been released in MIT on April 15th. Check the details with following link:

Bytom Mining Rewards

BTM mining is available along with the release of Bytom mainnet. 693 million BTM, namely 33 per cent of total BTM is reserved for mining, according to Bytom Economic Whitepaper. All officially mined BTM by Bytom team during April 24–26 would be airdropped to community for Bytom supporters’ concern and trust.


Bytom Web and desktop wallet will will launched along with the Mainnet, Bytom users can install and use it according to the Manual. Mobile wallet will be released afterwards.

Bounty System

In order to strengthen Bytom community and ecology, Bytom Foundation will giveaway some of the BTM rewards to the team or individuals who contribute to Bytom.Including but not limited to developing Bytom’s ecological application, the developers who contribute source-code for Bytom,the developers who, submit Issues for Bytom, Contributors who provide high quality content for Bytom,Supporters who help to translate Bytom’s articles and so on. The specific plan will be released in the following announcements..

Any Bytommers who’s interested in our Bounty please keep an eye on our future commencements!


After the main network being launched, the test network will continue to run synchronously without affecting mainnet. All subsequent new features will be firstly tested online and then updated to the mainnet after being verified.

Bytom Token Swap

The ERC20 BTM token will be converted into Bytom Mainnet Token at the rate of 1:1. Regarding the specific instructions and guidance, please keep being posted with our Official Announcements.

Please do not to trust any unofficial channels with regard to the token swap so as not to cause any loss of assets.

Blockchain Explorer

Bytom's Blockchain Explorer is in the final development test and is expected to go online in May.

The Bytom Mainnet is the first step to verify the availability and robustness of the Bytom protocol. This year Bytom Foundation will recruit more developers to maintain the security and stability of Bytom core protocol and network, and further expand the blockchain boundaries.

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has disrupted the lives of each of us and has also changed our country so profoundly. The arrival of the blockchain era will certainly bring more profound and greater changes to the world.

Successful people are always cooperating with the needs of the times, advancing with the times, blazing new trails is an indispensable quality for every blockchain, and the team will continue to break through innovation in technology. We are willing to work together with all community developers and supporters to create a new world together.

Bytom Blockchain Team

April.24th, 2018