Bytom Prophet Node|FAQ

Mar 21 · 2 min read

We issued “Prophet Node” last week and many supporters have been on board. So there is a FAQ focusing on the concerned questions.

  1. Is there any reward?

According to the stability and online time, we will give some reward to node operators. If you have free servers, welcome to join us.

2.What if the program error?

If there are errors with SIMD version, you can use ./bytomd node directly

3.How to operate on Windows

We suggest you install Git and use Git bash to run it in the node file

4. Why node is always offline on block explorer?

Please check that if your server’s port is on, otherwise turn on the 46657 port.

5. How to run a node on PC?

A full node wallet is a node but it won’t be displayed without public network IP.

6. How to install quickly?

You can use Docker mirror to install nodes.

7. How to see node status

You can check your nodes on

8. Where can I see my customized name of node?

You can see that in the node list.

9. Which nodes are “active nodes”?

Those nodes besides “busy” and “congested”

10. What are the nodes of normal full node wallet?

The full node wallet on PC is a node, too.


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