Bytom Weekly Dev Report(Oct 8th,2018)

Bytom full nodes wallet V1.0.6 released!

Kernel Layer
  1. Support mnemonic to generate private key(BIP39),realized to backup and restore private key by mnemonic,you can see it by calling interface,for details:
  2. Support chain transaction,do UTXO collection in one transaction to solve UTXO limit problem
  3. You can query balance and UTXO interface by account ID and account alias
  4. Updated the calculating formula of gas to prevent incorrect inaccuracy in special cases
  5. Added submit-block API to support submitting origin block to remote node
  6. Switched Mac default users’ directory to ~/Library/Application Support/Bytom
  7. Added Segregated Witness parameters to transaction related API response
  8. Fixed the problem of producing block due to accidental collapse
  9. Fixed the problem that you can’t recover asset alias when you recover wallet interface
Wallet Layer
  1. Layout the transaction items display again
  2. Simplify the details page of transaction
  3. Added transaction confirmation page of normal transaction
  4. Layout normal transaction page again
  5. Added the function of normal transaction with multi-addresses
Technical Community

Chrome plug-in wallet from community finished front-end and part back-end ;;

Bytom Weekly Mainnet Report