Bytom Weekly Report (Janurary 2nd week)

Dear BYTOM supporters, weekly report are as stated below. For this week (8th to 12th Jan), BYTOM have major advances in technology development, campaign operations, project cooperation, community building, media coverage and listed exchanges:

Bytom collaborate with 8btc launched online stream of “artificial intelligence friendly POW algorithm verified global release”

A theoretical mathematical proof of the safety of Artificial Intelligence ASIC chip friendly mining was completed by Bytom team and the Information Security Laboratory of Southwest Jiaotong University.

One Of the biggest improvements comparing to Btc POW mining is that the artificial intelligence ASIC chip friendly POW algorithm is capable Of making meaningless operations more valuable.On one hand, the market of the miners will stimulate the Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the chip market, expand the demand for the in-depth study of ASIC chip, just as the current POW block chain which is graphic card friendly POW block chain, stimulated the graphic card market rapidly;On the other hand, the eliminated or idle miners can be applied to the accelerated service of AI hardware, saving the mining cost and forming a win-win situation.

Team Dynamics:
  • On the afternoon of January 10, Duan Xinxing, BYTOM founder, attended and presided over the 2018 Year-end High-end Forum on the Application of the Blockchain Financial System. The forum was hosted by Billion Euro, and co-hosted by 8BTC, attracted and attended by Block chain experts and scholars, outstanding blockchain projects, venture capital institutions. The forum focus on new technology and blockchain transactions and asset clearing, settlement and other scenarios and industry integration and application of technology to explore the blockchain landing practice and direction.

BYTOM, as the three major regional public block chain project, has been committed to the application of block chain technology innovation, especially in the application of blockchain financial floor, and in the future, BYTOM will continue to improve the ecosystem construction, and attract many more commercial floor projects to expand cooperation and actively expand overseas communities, global personnel development, to jointly promote the industrial floor.

New York Meet up on Jan 29th
  • New York time Jan 29th 18:45pm, Bytom 2018 Global Tour Meetup will be held in World science and technology finance center, New York — Columbia University’s Pulitzer hall. Welcome Blockchain fans and technology developers to join us. Please find the detailed announcement in our Bytom Official Media.
  • On January 12, BYTOM founder Duan Xinxing and his team members attended the Finwise Summit in Macau and delivered a keynote speech “Exploration, Development and Future of BYTOM.”
  • Two new members joined the BYTOM team this week. They are responsible for oversea communities and new media operations respectively, with another two new developers to be added in the near future.
Project Collaborations:
  • BYTOM and SpaceChain cooperation, and in the future, BYTOM AI chip will be deployed in the space-satellites.
  • BYTOM cooperated with a number of science and technology companies, and will work together with ICCOX to develop based on BYTOM data authentication, user authentication system and credit rating system, to establish cross-chain mutual recognition of assets, circulation, mortgage loans and other financial services applications.
Community Building:
  • The incentive bonus for the first contributor to “Minority Report” in the BYTOM incentive plan has been fully paid. The campaign is designed to reward users who have contributed to BYTOM online and offline community with a total Incentive Reward Bonus of 1,000,000 BTM until the end of each month.
  • Bytom 2018 Jan 18th 9:30–12:30 AM (GMT+8) will be held on Reddit with the theme of “Bytom 2017 Annual Milestones”.We will put together Bytom founder Duanxinxing, CTO Langyu to answer supporters answers.
Media Reports
  • Recently, the world’s top science and technology review magazine “MIT Review” conducted an interview with BYTOM Duan XinXing, reporting an in-depth interpretation on China’s block chain industry, visited a number of blockchain projects, and also selected representatives of the blockchain industry for an interview.
  • 36 krypton blockchain Character interview | BYTOM founder Duan Xinxing: blockchain is not only a new trend in technology, but also a new “collaborative economy.”

Duan XinXing: With blockchain, the type of asset will be more abundant, and with bitcoin, it enabled us to see the code as an assets, and in the future, what is the possibility for assets, wealths? What kind of shape? How to facilitate the circulation, registration, interaction? This is considered by BYTOM, and this is the starting point of the project. The beginning of the code is just a tool to manage the asset, but now the code itself is becoming a currency, becoming the asset itself. This is a very important change.


  • 8BTC information | [Xue Manzi “Dislike” Xu Xiaoping: blockchain investment, I am not as excited as him]

At the time when Xu Xiaoping’s account of the “blockchain revolution” detonated the coin chain, Xue Manzi, the earliest traditional blockchain investor in the field of traditional investment, was somewhat different in opinion. He said “too excited” . On the current hot blockchain market, what is the view of Xue Manzi, who has invested in 20 blockchain?

Xue Manzi: “I am the most optimistic on BYTOM, Chang Jia and Duan Xinxing combination is the ideal combination of idealism and realism. With the right direction, BYTOM will fly, the team also fly, I prefer BYTOM.”


Listed Exchanges:
  • On 8th of Jan, started trading BTM/BTC pair.
  • On 11st January, BYTOM officially landed BTS-based decentralized digital asset platform GDEX. For the 1st week (11st Jan to 17th Jan), GDEX will not be charging any mobile fee for BTM. For more information, please refer to the GDEX website at
BYTOM Recruitment:

BYTOM market operators and AI mining pool partner, CXO, VP … … we welcome all to recommend. If you are successfully in your recommended, BYTOM will be paying up to 1 bitcoin. Contact email: contact @

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The above information will be updated simultaneously in BYTOM channels, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Weibo, 8BTC forum, you can learn more on BYTOM information:




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