Bytom Weekly News(Jan 18th,2019)

Weekly News

project development

1. Bytom Developer Meetup was held in San Francisco on January 11th. Bytomswap team from Seattle explained Bytom’s smart contract and the BUTXO model. Bytomswap got the first prize in Bytom’s Global Dev Competiton last Year!

2. Jan 19th, Bytom Operation Director Qianli Ma will be invited to attend Hangzhou industry blockchain forum “Enabling entities to reshape value” and will communicate with other guests in the “Financial industry+Blockchain case and revelation” panel!

Technical Community
  1. Bytomswap has finished the first step of its roadmap and could help transform the assets of the different blockchain

2.Bytom Minority report

Dev report

Bytom Core
  1. Added “dns seed” function, support to obtain Bytom seed node through dns
  2. Bytomtemplate support recommit to make the transaction to be recorded sooner.
  3. Added network ID field to node discovery module to distinguish between different network nodes and prevent nodes of different networks from finding each other;
  1. API integration test framework building
  2. Scan smart contract utxo to support smart contract conveniently
  3. Cms analysis page, spite IP management, blacklist management
  4. Added the status_fail status flag for the transaction in list-transactions;
  5. Added blacklist ban for IP and wallet GUID, added list-utxo API
  6. Fixed the logical error of confirmation when build-payment choose available UTXO
  7. Optimized the submit-transaction interface and support deal for contract parameters
  8. Added build-transaction for the advanced transaction and began to support smart contract transaction
  9. List-transaction interface support filter for transaction list through asset ID
  10. Stress test for new server
  11. Updated codes for updater and orm to suit the new structure of the database. Scan the addresses,transactions,utxos of all network to support the import of non-bycoin wallet.
  1. Designed user page for Bytom-kit
  2. Added an API that generates addresses and keys all at once;
  3. Added the path that generates bip44 and the test data that private key generates API
  4. Added and generated API for the address QR code, generated control program API
  5. Added and generated 5 pages including key, generated Address, signature information, verification information and submit transaction, deployed completely
Smart contract
  1. Completed data extraction for contract expression
  2. Completed contract of PartLoanCollateral
  3. Optimized the AST in equity complier while the receiving program of contract is the contract object
  4. Cooperated with the back-end chain to write the savings contract, and shared out front-end action content of bonus contract
  5. Researched the back-end process of releasing and unlocking the Bytom asset contract, and preliminarily completed the transformation of the verified transaction part;
  6. Parsed contract nested expressions: nested expressions of ifElse, program, mathematical expression parsing. A process that supportsed different unlock sequences;
  1. Lockmeta deleted control program decode, added hashrate chart of mining pool to the homepage
  1. Analyzed the file addition and data exchange module in ipfs
  2. Sidechain alliance generated alliance address and the private key of alliance generated new tool for private key
  3. Dpos consensus solution for sidechain(1.Abnormal voting problem 2. Structure of voting transaction, verification problem 3. Test the switch of block nodes according to the voting results 4. Manage miners utxo);