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Jul 12 · 3 min read

Project Development

Bystack BP recruitment

  1. Now there are 52 candidates for Bystack BP recruitment. More exchanges, BP/miners and other institutions have participated in this event. For details:

Bystack Event

  1. On July 12th, Bystack Shenzhen Station was held successfully. Bytom CFO Li Zongcheng, Bytom CTO Langyu and Bytom core devs will discuss with Bystack technical concepts, BP recruitment scheme.

Bytom CTO Langyu: One mainchain with multi-sidechain structure is one of the solutions of the trilemma. It can realize three features 1. Isolate sidechain with mainchain to isolate the risk 2. Isolate sidechain with sidechain to isolate business, privacy, and value. 3. Federation management to realize legal and customized management model.

2. On July 10th, StakingCon was held in Beijing. Bytom CFO participated in this conference and shared his points in the panel: Staking is an investment and investors should have risk awareness and manage the risk.

3. On July 10th, Bytom CFO Li Zongcheng participated in the “Staking economic model and ecosystem” which was hosted by Elephant Finance. He also talked with others about why staking and the corresponding development of Bystack BP recruitment.

Bytom Devcon

Bytom Devcon 2 workshop

At the nights of July 22nd,23rd and 29th, several senior mentor will share technical knowledge including Bytom micro-structure, smart contracts. layer 2, p2p network and BBFT consensus algorithm to bring a tech fest for Bytom Dev Competition participants.

Bluechain AMA

In order to make devs to know more about Bytom blockchain, we had an AMA with Bytom Dev Competition 2018 winner Bluechain.

Dev Report


1.Bytom explorer: modified data types related to assets in DB;


1. Optimized account in transaction page.
2. Tested each transaction type;
3. Modified the bug of log output and could not send “cross in” transaction;
4. Adjusted the details of wallet store and account store to merge into the latest branch;
5. Deployed the new test network for testing;
6. Added multi-node parallel and fast sync function;
7. Network function test, solved the abnormal problem of signature information transmission;
8. Modified the configuration method of consensus parameters to configure the parameters of different networks separately;
9. Vapor explorer: updated addresses, BPs, cross-chain transaction-related interfaces;
10. Vapor explorer: added performance test code and local basic performance test;


1. Rebuilt the federation module and fixed some bugs;
2. Refactored the integration test framework to decouple the framework from the specific table structure;
3. Integration tests to join vapor API list-addresses, build-payment, build-vote, build-veto and build-crosschain;

Vapor Dashboard

1. All the UI interfaces of vapor dashboard have been written;
2. Deep optimization of the account model, removed the concept of wallet key;
3. Optimized the account in the transaction page;


1. Added total votes in early bird voting, optimized bandwidth occupation;


1. Vapor explorer supports Federation and cross-chain transaction
2. Vapor explorer supports assets and asset details


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