Bytom Weekly News(April 3rd week)

Dear Bytom supporters, fresh weekly report are as stated below. For this week, we have updates on Community Building and Media Report.

The “2018 Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum” with the theme of “the core of blockchain intelligence” will be held in Hangzhou on April 27.

The summit will be jointly organized by Bytom, 8BTC, and Bitmain. The conference will invite many leading figures from the industry to participate in the speech and jointly interpret the blockchain consensus algorithm innovation, artificial intelligence, AI-driven blockchain consensus system evolution and other related topics.

On April 14th, Bytom team attended the “AI, Data Science and Blockchain Summit Forum” at Harvard University. The team delivered a keynote speech about “Build the Internet of Asset”. The trip to the United States is an important step to build up overseas community in 2018. For more information, please pay close attention to Bytom Official.

During the forum, Bytom discussed with the head of Blockchain Lab of Purdue University Wan Hong, the founder of Elastos Han Feng, the founder of Detrust Xing Dadi and other blockchain elites about commercialization of blockchain industry and asset blockchainization.

On April 15th(GMT-4), The “Bytom Algorithm Public Release” event successfully held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) by Bytom team. It is the very first time to fully disclose the details of Bytom’s artificial intelligence friendly Tensority algorithm .

Bytom innovatively invented a POW consensus algorithm called Tensority. Instead of simply calculating SHA256, a new scheme based on artificial intelligence is presented. Tensority is a consensus algorithm based on tensor calculation. By introducing Tensority algorithm, Bytom has learned the advantages of the previous BTC, LTC, and ETH algorithms and improved it, making the workload calculation more universal and friendly to ASICs. Devices can engage in artificial intelligence cloud acceleration services, reducing hardware waste and making computing more socially valuable.


Arthur c. Clarke once said, “Any technology that is sufficiently advanced is tantamount to magic.” In the near future, Bytom foundation will announce more important partners to the Bytom Magic world.

We also hope that you can invite more enterprise or project to join us and to embrace the future together with us!

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Bytom officially launched USDT trade zone on Huobi! Prior to this, Huobi Exchange has opened BTM/BTC and BTM/ETH transaction channels.

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Bytom proposes a new type of POW consensus algorithm Tensority, which integrates matrix and tensor calculations into the consensus algorithm process, so that the miner can be used in AI acceleration.

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