Bytom Weekly News

Project Development

  1. Bytom officially realesed Bystack whitepaper and it’s the first adoption of one main chain with several sidechain BaaS platform based on BUTXO. Here is the website: Bystack is a platform aiming to break the Trilemma and help create, manage and maintain enterprise network and business applications
  2. Bytom Devcon 2 will be held in the early September in San Francisco and now the application for dev competition is living now. For details: Welcome to participate in our competition!
  3. Bytom’s meetup in NYC was held successfully and thx those for coming to our meetup. Bytom CEO Duan Xinxing announced that Bytom Dev Competition

Dev Report

  1. Tested common interface functions;
  2. Increased the input and output types for crosschain;
  3. The ed25519 algorithm was modified to a common interface to support the introduction of configurable public key algorithm.
Side chain
  1. Added BBFT network transmission processing for consensus message;
  2. Fixed message encoding error found on node;
  3. Optimized the logic of state information transmission between nodes and solved the problem of abnormal height state of nodes;
  4. Added a unique network ID to physically isolate the subnetworks to prevent the interference of multiple subchain networks.
  5. Added vote output, canceled input for vote transaction as well as unit test;
  6. Sign and verify for consensus node when adding block processing;
  7. Added attach block and detach block to process the voting result of consensus node;
  1. Merged Blockmeta front-end and back-end and researched,
  2. Blockmeta asset API modification;
  3. Blockmeta containerization: DB, Bytom and flask app were split and tested.
  4. Asset name optimization, filter for asset symbol special character;
Bycoin Dapp

1. Connected the front-end and back-end to adjust the red envelope dapp.
2. Connected the front-end and back-end of DApp ;
3. Optimized DApp database batch processing, process in parallel, added content details, etc.;
4. Completed the homepage, download page, share page, open page, red envelope details page, initial jump logic, and basic page when receiving for red envelope;