Bytom Weekly News

Weekly News

Bytom Prophet Node

We issued “Prophet Node” last week and many supporters have been on board. So there is a FAQ focusing on the concerned questions.

Bytom mining pool

Now there are 8 mining pools which support Bytom: F2pool, Antpool, Beepool, uupool, Matpool, ViaBTC, Zhizhu and

Project Development
  1. March 21st, Bytom CEO Duan Xinxing was invited to attend “Hong Kong 2019 Digital Asset Global Summit” which was co-hosted by HashKey Group and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. This summit focused on the combination of blockchain application、finacial institution and blockchain to explore the opportunities, challenges, and problems of digital assets.
  2. March 23rd, Bytom team was invited to attend an offline Meetup which organized by As an important station of Bytom ecosystem, Bytom team has gotten great progress in community building、volunteers、exchanges and local blockchain ecosystem cooperation after the setup of the Korean office.

Dev Report

Bytom core

1.. Added parsing coinbase transaction type;
2. Increased the API that user can input entropy and mnemonic word ;
3. Added the CalcNextRequiredDifficulty and CalcWork point test of calculation difficulty and bits ;
4. Completed the data import of RDS redis eip model in CMDB through Ali Cloud API;
5. Transaction gas and node credit value added edge test;
6. Modified the way of obtaining the external network address of nodes to optimize the p2p network security;
7. Completed unit tests for serialization and deserialization of types categories;


1.Added test to multi-signature transaction noee;
2. Server stress test for Bycoin1.0.5 version ;
3. Detected the validity of public key before adding multi-signature wallet, and added unit test;
4. Rewrote Dockerfile of blockcenter CMS to realize access authentication function;


1.Completed the jump logic for the initial page ;
2. Completed the interface reconstruction of the home page, initial page, transfer page, transaction details page, side page, and other pages;

Side chain

The side chain improved the functions of DPOS blocker registration, BP voting and canceling voting;


1. Mobile version supported multiple assets;
2. Bytom kit optimization, some parameters were supported to be manual input;
3. Added New node name to the blockmeta node list;

Bytom -Java -SDK
  1. Refactored and tested Bytom-java-SDK offline transaction signature module;