Bytom Weekly News(Nov 2nd)

This week,we are here introduing great projects of Bytom Dev Competition

  1. is developed by a Chinese dev-San Yi who used to singly develop the no,1 cycling software on Appstore named Xing Zhe. You can see many data about Bytom mainnet asset such as computing power, transactions, mining data and so on

2. “Draw something” on Bytom — Devs provided several pixel pics and you need to enter the right answer. Developer Lu Gang from PPK said that they wanted to explore a mid-layer communication protocol which crosses different public blockchain and applications.

3. “Dapps” is an advertising platform based on Bytom Reveal Preimage Contract. Advertisers can lock asset with smart contract and users need to enter the right answer to get candy.

4. Aiming for current recruitment,Mongjoy developed a “smart recruitment community” based on Bytom smart contract. Information and evaluation will be transparent and efficient. It can build a open,transparent and unchangeable database. Enterprises need corresponding BTM to browse resumes and job hunters can get gas if their information gets on-chain.

5. Huang Shuai from Tsinghua Unversity submitted a DApp which challenging management of private key pieces. The data layer of Bytom utilizes distributed ledger technology to realize the issue、spend and exchange of asset.

6.66 Digital Currency Cold Wallet is a wallet which devotes to create a multi-asset smart wallet based on Bytom. It adopts the dual component model of hardware wallet+APP to ensure users’ security.

7. Zhang Xuefeng found it that there wasn’t a convenient tool to query the date structure and on-chain information. You need to build full node and download all block information which leads to waste. So their team developed an RPC interface of Web. Through building a full node of Bytom and analysis block information of Bytom.

8. “Eone” is a decentralized exchange(web) based on Bytom Coin-to-Coin smart contract,it has realized the circulation of different token on Bytom.The app version is almost finished,too

— Why Bytom?

— I think #POW represents the real blockchain.

9.Bytom Chrome Wallet is a light wallet which aims to build a Bytom wallet on Chrome explorer.Through that wallet,you can store your private key,transact and view your balance.A big step in asset lightening!

10. BlueChain is a distributed system for industrial waste and resource management. It is built to digitize and optimize the Environmental Resource market. Powerful, trustless, government-friendly and fully transparent, A nice project!