Bytom Weekly News (November 3rd week )

Current trends:

1. Bytom At the Blockchain LABO Conference in Japan

Bytom at the Blockchain LABO conference in Japan

November 11th, Bytom took part in the Blockchain LABO conference in Japan. During the meeting, Bytom Blockchain co-founder, Duan Xinxing, presented the speech. This year’s meeting attracted a couple of dozens of countries from around the world as well as more than 3000 representatives as the guest speakers. Moreover, the conference got the support from the website and the other social media.

2. Bytom Global Tour Meetup, Tokyo

Bytom Global Tour Meetup, Tokyo

Bytom joined the hosted in Tokyo Global Tour Meetup, Tokyo on November, 12th (according to the local time) in Tokyo Shinagawa district, during the meeting the founder of Bytom Blockchain successfully presented the speech. The event attracted a lot of Japanese blockchain technology fans among them: living in Japan for 10 years the blockchain technology developer.

After the event, Bytom co-founder Duan Xinxing was interviewed by the local Japanese media. He expressed his thoughts on the great potential of blockchain collaboration between two countries as well as the implementing the future overseas promotion strategy.

3. Bytom Participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week Blockchain Innovation and Development Forum

Bytom Participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week Blockchain Innovation and Development Forum

November, 14th, Shanghai Chang Yang Valley hosted the 11th global entrepreneurship week (China), Bytom blockchain outstanding co-founder Duan Xinxing accepted the invitation to participate in this year’s global entrepreneurship week blockchain innovation and development forum, giving the presentation on “Blockchain new economics enterprise and innovation”. Entrepreneurship week is a global entrepreneurship event which is held in 170 countries around the world.

4. Bytom Attend IFPI Financial Technologies and Payment Innovations Meeting

Bytom Attend IFPI Financial Technologies and Payment Innovations Meeting

November, 17th, Bytom co-founder Duan Xinxing joined the 9th Financial Technologies and Payment innovations meeting 2017 also acting as the guest speaker of the event.

5. Experience Sharing Sessions of BTM

This week BTM-related seminar dedicated to the question “Bytom mining machine mechanism”. The speaker, Zhang Chengcheng, presented the profound explanation of the Bytom mining machine mechanism. According to the Bytom general machine mechanism miners can be used for AI acceleration services after they are outdated by adopting POW algorithm that is friendly to AI ASIC-chips. This will cause the acceleration of benefits for the society.

6. [Chainge] Bytom Blockchain Series Event

[Chainge] Bytom Blockchain Series Event

This Saturday, November 18th, Bytom will hold [Chainge] blockchain technology salon — blockchain concord thinking and analyses. This event is aimed at the blockchain developers, fans, creating even more present-time interaction opportunities together with the profound investigation of the blockchain techniques theory and hands-on experience. The invited guests such as: Lang Yu from CTO and Qtum main developer of He Huaming, ImToken chief software architect Chen Kai, a specially invited guest, Yue Lipeng, Wanchain product chief inspector Yang Tao, are going to share their knowledge with the audience.

7. Bytom’s First Step to the General Strategy Plan Towards the South Korean Community

Recently the South Korean Bytom fans have taken the initiative and created the biggest South Korean Bytom society Website Naver. Aimed at the society in-step updates, Bytom newest development trends together with the Bytom economics, techniques, White Book etc. Bytom overseas community is growing and getting stronger, manifesting its global strategy power and great ambitions.

Bytom’s First Step to the General Strategy Plan Towards the South Korean Community

Bytom Community in South Korea:

8. LBank Listed BTM/ETH Trading Pair

LBank Listed BTM/ETH Trading Pair

Next week announcements

  1. On the 20th of November, Monday (according to Beijing time), at 8 pm Canadian exchange will go online. is the world’s first listed digital asset exchange in the world. Its headquarters are situated in Vancouver, Canada. Its parent company goes in public on Canadian Security Exchange. After this Bytom is listed on more international large-scale exchanges. This is to the earlier emerged overseas exchanges, is much bigger. After passing the US Securities Regulatory Commission Howey test and leading the inspection of the USA and Japan’s blockchain industry, it marked another milestone on the way to the overseas development path, which proves the Chinese blockchain project is becoming more and more favored by the international capitalists.
Bytom Will List on

2. On the 25th of November (Beijing time) Saturday, 8pm, Bytom will Trade on BTM/KRW Pair

Bytom will Trade on BTM/KRW Pair