Bytom Weekly Dev Report(2017/10/16)

Development progress:

1. [dev] Add automatic adjustment module of arithmetic difficulty and test script of related unit. All of them are merged into master.

2. [dev] Complete research and logic code of orphan block rollback module and the code is to be tested.

3. [dev] Add the function of creating accountutxos database in wallet module, rebuild list-balances and add list-unspent-output command.

4. [dev] Add bytom wallet.enable flag, judging whether to activate bytom wallet and separating the wallet module and the main node.

5. [fix] Solve the issues from bytom lovers, including link-to-network error and UPNP network error.

6. [opt] Use gofmt to format the project code, use Travis CI to add the continuous integration function, and organize the use of the Git commit message in the development process.

7. [opt] Analyze the performance of PoW mining algorithms in each programming language, investigate the relevant instructions of how Intel internal optimizes PoW algorithm, trying to find the solution of the underlying optimization of mining algorithm.

8. [test] Compile all bytom unit test case successfully.

Business progress:

1. Merge Dev branch into the new Master, add a variety of functions.

2. A senior blockchain developer joins the team, responsible for the development of virtual machine modules.