Nov 6, 2017 · 1 min read

Bytom Weekly Dev Report(2017.11.06)

Development progress:

  1. [dev] Complete development of orphan block rollback, complete optimization and integration testing of the communicating layer.
  2. [dev] Complete test case design for type ‘spend’ transactions, complete orphan block rollback design for purse database.
  3. [dev] Merge and test PoW algorithm into the Testnet version, write the related test program.
  4. [dev] Transformate Bytomcli command-line client, add getBlockHeaderByHash rpc interface.
  5. [dev] Prepare test network configuration which is able to run, while add getBestBlockHash interface.
  6. [dev] Merge Segwit Address Mode and HSM Module into Version 0.1.3 and Remove UpdateAlias Features.
  7. [opt] Integrate third-party library into the vendor to be unified managed, remove the glide package managing tools.

Product progress:

  1. Release BigBang 0.1.3 to achieve the function of multi-party transactions and the new blockchain model.
  2. Bytom will attend the Tokyo blockchain meetup that is the first step towards Japan.


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