Bytom Weekly Dev Report (2017.11.13)

Development progress:

1. [dev] Customize control program which controls generating coinbase transaction contract in block, and optimize orphan block rollback and storage functions.

2. [dev] Add getBlockByHash interface, fix CI, collate RPC interface, and complete the initial transformation of cobra command-line client with transfering some commands.

3. [dev] Analyze the modifies of function details, add parameters such as nonce, and increase the calculation results into hash function.

4. [dev] Research principle of realization of contract, code ivy contract compiler, and collect ivy typical contract templates.

5. [dev] Optimize the design and implementation of accountutxo database rollback and solve the issue of excessive memory space while rollbacking.

6. [dev] Complete add/delete/change/check of the filter rules of coding and debugging of txfeed, including the detecting of effectiveness of this filtering rules, transaction filtering and reporting.

7. [test] Run the internal test network normally with reaching 13,000 blocks in a week, resolve configurable issues of node Radom key and p2p Handle shake timeout.

8. [res] Prove AIPow algorithm theory and determine the detection of data probability distribution from the perspective of time series.

Internal sharing:

1. Bytom core developers will analyze “the implementation of intelligent contract programming language ivy and usage of related tool chain”.

2. There will be a Bytom foundation activity this Saturday about “Chainge: Technology Salon — Anlyzing the Updates of Blockchain protocol”.