Bytom’s first step of Asset Blockchainization - Bytom reached strategic cooperation with East Lake Big Data Asset Exchange

On April 12, Bytom in-depth strategic partner 8BTC signed a strategic cooperation agreement To promote the development of Bytom assets and East Lake Big Data Asset Exchange. This signing is an important step for Bytom to put “asset blockchainization” to ground.

The two parties will take advantage of their strengths in respective fields, deepen. technological innovation, actively expand applications in the relevant areas of the blockchain, and realize the application of data-wise scenario of data assets trading and circulation.

Wuhan East Lake Big Data Exchange Center Co., Ltd. was established in July 2015. It is the first big data exchange center in Central China, which is approved by the Wuhan Municipal Government and is the first domestic service organization to explore and implement the “Government Data Operation Solution.” with registered capital of 60 million yuan. East Lake Big Data Trading Center, the first transaction platform initiated by Hubei Provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Ruan Chengfa and Wuhan Mayor Wan Yong, was formally written into the Wuhan City Government Work Report and became one of the key pioneered projects in Wuhan “Internet+” industry.

Adhering to the development concept of “Activating Data Assets and Driving Industrial Innovation”, it is committed to providing one-stop big data solutions for government agencies and vertical market sectors.

Bytom’ first step to land, and it’s just the beginning!