Find the next “Vitalik Buterin”! Bytom invites you to share 2000000BTM by recommending developers!

Find the next “Vitalik Buterin”! Bytom Global Dev Competition-Incentive Program has been launched officially! We are looking for global blockchain developers with a 2,000,000 BTM Reward! Recommending developers for the competition, 1500BTM for each effective referral!

With the purpose of attracting more blockchain developers to the competition, “Find the next Vitalik Buterin”, Bytom Global Dev Competition-Incentive Program has been launched officially from now on. The next “Vitalik Buterin” may come from your referral.Every time you invite a developer to participate in the Bytom Global Dev Competition, and he/she issue effectively, not only the participant but also you can get 1500 BTM.

If you invite more than five effective teams to the competition , you will get the opportunity to hit the monthly Promoter Award, which is worth 10,000 BTM. Therefore, the more developers you invite, the more dapps they develop, and the higher quality of the dapps, the more you get, no ceiling. Everyone can recommend and everyone can get the award!

Everyone is an important force for accelerating the popularity of blockchain. We believe that in a benign ecosystem, as long as you contribute, you could get corresponding return.As long as you agree with the idea of Bytom and are willing to mobilize more developers for more and better Dapps, you have contributed to the community.

Friendly reminder: Once the developer you want to recommend is recommended by others, and he/she enters the name and contact information of other recommenders, then the bonus will fall into the pocket of others. So don’t hesitate, hurry to find the developers around you! In addition, participated team can not recommend themselves to get the bonus.